Former deputy Arnel Bélizaire arrested in Jacmel, transferred to Port-au-Prince

On Friday night, Nov. 29, Former Congressman Arnel Bélizaire was arrested in Jacmel. The morning of Saturday, Nov. 30, Commissioner Michel-Ange Louis Jeune, Spokesman of National Police of Haiti, corroborated the news. “Yes, I confirm his arrest. Other people who were with him were also arrested. He had weapons, grenades, etc.,” said the spokesman. Continue reading

An agricultural bank will soon be established

During the launching ceremony of 49 agricultural cooperatives that will be financed BNC, Jovenel Moïse announced the creation of the National Bank for Agricultural Development. A tool that he believes will promote the development of the agriculture sector. “There is a farm bank project that has been sitting in the drawers since 1987. No one has had enough courage to implement it. I removed it from the drawers. The board of directors of the National Bank for Agricultural Development will be headed by the Minister of Finance. It will then comprise the Ministers of Agriculture, Planning, the Governor of the Central Bank and a representative of the agricultural sector. I have already designated them. The board will have to appoint a general manager. I assure you that the general director will be officially appointed very soon,” said the President. Continue reading

Edmond Mulet suggests that the “US Southern Command” settles in Haiti

On the occasion of the Forum “Destabilization of Haiti: Issues and challenges” held in the Dominican Republic this week, Edmond Mulet, the former head of MINUSTAH suggested two measures to help resolve the crisis in Haiti.

“The first and most urgent is to assist Haiti in the current humanitarian crisis by mobilizing the necessary forces to ensure that Haitians have food,” Dominican Today reported.

The second, which he considers important, is an international conference on Haiti, which will involve the Latin American countries, the European Union, Canada, the United States, France and Spain, to make decisions. Continue reading

The Life of Hope Center recently hosted its 7th Annual Thanksgiving Community Celebration and Turkey Giveaway.

Life of Hope, founded by its Executive Director, Porez Laxama and his brother, Father Juan Luxama, partnered up with the Mike Caso Foundation and St. Bernadette Church in Dyker Heights to make this event possible for the community. Those in attendance included Auxiliary Bishop Guy Sansaricq, Msgr. Thomas Caserta, Pastor of Saint Bernadette, NYC Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, and community leaders, and organizers and the President of the Haitian Flag Day Association.

The event started with a prayer and blessing in the auditorium of Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School on Foster Avenue and East 37th Street, where the Life of Hope Center is co-located. A leadership award was presented to Mike Caso for his partnership in the giveback to the community.


Former Haiti Ambassador Paul Altidor to Teach MIT Course on Leveraging Diaspora Power Abroad

Former Haiti Ambassador Paul Altidor is working to change the narrative around Diaspora groups in the United States through his new position at MIT. During the Spring 2020 semester, Altidor will be teaching a course titled, “ (Re)engineering Planning and Diaspora Groups .” The course will focus primarily on second and third generation Diaspora groups and how they can act as “catalysts for sustainable growth and economic prosperity in communities both in the United States and within the developing world.” Continue reading

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