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Former Haiti Ambassador Paul Altidor to Teach MIT Course on Leveraging Diaspora Power Abroad

Paul Altidor. Photo credit: SR Photography

Editor’s note: In a Nov. 28 edition of the the daily news roundup, it inaccurately stated that Paul Altidor would be teaching a course on immigration at MIT. Altidor will instead be teaching a course on planning and policy initiatives aimed at leveraging the power of Diaspora groups.

Former Haiti Ambassador Paul Altidor is working to change the narrative around Diaspora groups in the United States through his new position at MIT. During the Spring 2020 semester, Altidor will be teaching a course titled, “ (Re)engineering Planning and Diaspora Groups .” The course will focus primarily on second and third generation Diaspora groups and how they can act as “catalysts for sustainable growth and economic prosperity in communities both in the United States and within the developing world.”

While there’s an abundance of research on foreign-born immigrants and their contribution to their home countries, there’s growing interest from planners, policy makers, development economists and others on U.S.-born citizens with no direct link to their parents’ or grandparents’ country of origin.

“I intend to expose the students to some of the current thinking in leveraging the power of diaspora groups as catalysts of growth in communities both in the U.S. and the developing world,” Altidor said in an interview with MIT. “Whether as a diplomat, as a development practitioner or as an advisor to governments, I have been exposed to this topic from many different perspectives. Given the continuous movement of people across borders, this topic will continue to be of significant importance to the planning and policy making community. “

In May 2012, Altidor assumed the position of Ambassador Plenipotentiary & Extraordinary of Haiti to the White House. Prior to his role as ambassador, Altidor, also an MIT alumnus, worked for the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private arm of the World Bank Group and also served as vice-president of the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. 

“I came to the United States as an immigrant. The narrative of the immigrant experience and immigration process are deeply personal to my own identity,” he said. “Despite, or maybe due to, evidence that migration will continue to increase in the near future, the current narrative permeating the public dialogue around immigration in the US is largely negative. Through my class this coming term, I will endeavor to recruit allies at MIT to document the benefits, both to their new home and to their country of origin, of immigrants – allowing us to provide context for a new, positive narrative around immigration.

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

The Haitian Times was founded in 1999 as a weekly English language newspaper based in Brooklyn, NY.The newspaper is widely regarded as the most authoritative voice for Haitian Diaspora.
Haitian Times
Dec. 01, 2019

3 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Former Haiti Ambassador Paul Altidor to Teach MIT Course on Leveraging Diaspora Power Abroad”

  1. Max Johnson says:

    Let me see…Here is a government arguably the worst the country has ever seen, totally inept, universally decried as corrupt. Now MIT wants to use a member of that government to teach a course? I, for one, would have nothing to learn from a member of that government.

  2. Mireille Saint Juste says:

    Depi se moun kap fe dezod nn peyi a, ap vole bagay moun, kraze ak boule nimpot bagay la, konsidere kel pa ayisyen, li pa renmen peyi a et Haiti pa bezwen vye grimas konsa pou mange mango li. Moun saa met te gen 10 ans selman, yo dwe arete yo kareman, mete yo nn prizon menm.jan avek yon adult pou fe yo peye pou dega ke yon fe ak dezod yap fe yo. Mete yo nn bato ki deja koule, epi mete bato a sou lanme pou dechouke vye bagay konsa. Ki moun serye kI kampe ap kraze peyi li sinon vye moun sot, imbesil? Dim nn. Se sak fe pyes peyi pa dwe asepte moun konsa lakay yo.
    Peyi a fatigue avekri moun peye blanche sa yo.
    Nou pa ka chita ap tann moun fe pou nou tout tan. Si nou grangou se nou ki lakoz paske nou parese, nou pa vle travay ni fe anyen. Se normal pou nou mache sal ak grangou tou.
    Tout bagay ke yo posede fo se vole pou yo vole li. Majorite moun nn peyi se vole . Menm.le yo okipe position educationel, yo vole pi red. Se dwet yo ki long menm wi. Yo pa g3n personalite. Lew di yo vole yo pran li kom kompliman. Pou peyi a sove fo ta gen yon triage fet majorite grimas ki rete ladann e ki pa util.anyen yo pou yo retire nn figi moun. Mpa komprann peuple kochon, San honte saa. Si yo pa renmen peyi a pou rete ladann se pou yo tuye Tet yo. It doesn’t make any sense for people to be soo bad. I do not care as I said before , if you cannot take care of Haiti get the hell out.

  3. Congratulations Mr Ambassador Altidor . I do believe that this academic initiative is a strategic road-map toward a sustainable development of my mother land . Courage !Perseverance!
    You are in my prayers.

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