The teachings of Ricardo Seitenfus on Haitian political crises

Ricardo Seitenfus is a friend of Haiti. The Brazilian does not hide it, on the contrary. Since his first “touristic” visit to the country in 1993 and following his various stays alternately as a former Brazilian special envoy to Haiti and former head of the OAS office in Port-au-Prince, the Professor of International Relations perfectly understands the game of international powers in the country. It is with these titles, and with so many glasses, that the observations and the teachings of Ricardo Seitenfus on the fundamentals of the Haitian crisis are worth their weight in gold. Continue reading

Human rights organizations mourn the death of Charlot Jeudy

Several human rights advocacy organizations who collaborated with Kouraj leader, Charlot Jeudy, lamented his sudden departure on Monday, Nov. 25. He who spent a good part of his life defending the rights of LGBTQ individuals, was found dead in his bed early in the morning.

Pierre Esperance, Executive Secretary of the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH), said he was deeply saddened by the passing of the human rights activist and that the death of Charlot Jeudy represents a great loss for the sector. Continue reading

’The continuation of the current political crisis would be devastating for the country,’ according to the IMF

“The continuation of the current political crisis would be devastating for the country with more severe medium-term consequences due to the loss of physical and human capital,” the IMF warned in a statement on Monday, Nov. 25, at the end of a mission led by Nicole Laframbroise, in the in the context of consultation under Article 4 of the Fund. Continue reading

Courthouses are gradually reopening

After nine weeks of total paralysis of activities across the country, many courts in the country’s jurisdictions are trying to reopen in order to provide the necessary services to litigants. This week, the tenth since this long episode of “peyi lòk”, some courts have opened their doors, judges have come to their offices. Government authorities and the opposition have not yet found an end to the crisis that the country is going through, the associations of magistrates and clerks urge the officers of justice to fulfill their duty while remaining cautious. Continue reading

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