Minister Charles encourages children to adopt responsible attitudes

On Friday, Nov. 22, at the Karibe Hotel, Edwing Charles, Minister of Youth participated in the ceremony to celebrate World Day of Children. Representatives of the Institute of Social Welfare and Research, agencies of the United Nations in Haiti and international and local NGOs took part in the event.

Minister Charles took the opportunity to remind the children that they are “the present and the future of the country” and that education is the best way to lead to a better tomorrow, inviting them to keep a line of conduct and responsible attitudes to better position themselves on the road to success. Continue reading

Four Haitians sentenced to prison for exceeding the length of visitor stay

Judge Rengin Johnson of the Freeport Court of Grand Bahamas Island charged four Haitians with violating the immigration law. Briceler Phanor, 29; Astrel Fabre 39; Guerby Metayer; and Eddy Metellus were arrested in Freeport during a check, while their visitor status had expired.

They were charged with being in excessive residence contrary to sections 28 (1) and (3) of the Immigration Act and misleading an immigration officer, contrary to paragraph 10 (e) of the Act by providing him false identities during interrogations. Continue reading

Closing of school and its misfortunes

The private education system in the country has the largest share of schools. These institutions are suffering the most. They are forced to place their staff including, teachers who have been out of work since September, on standby. Some schools have paid only the month of September, others are cutting wages. But the majority did not pay anything. Expenses to prepare for the start of the school year leave them with little money in reserve. The principals agree on one point: it would be unhealthy to require parents to pay for a service they did not receive. Continue reading

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