Ambassador Kelly Craft calls for “an inclusive solution for the benefit of the Haitian people”

The United States, after calls for the establishment of a government, sent a top diplomat in Haiti. Kelly Craft, United States Ambassador to the United Nations, listened to the positions of the executive and the opposition and pleaded for an inclusive solution for the benefit of the Haitian people.

A press release dated Wednesday, Nov. 20 stated “President Jovenel Moïse and the other elected leaders have an obligation to get together, to put aside their differences and to seek an inclusive solution for the benefit of the Haitian people. The United States is ready to provide support. I leave Haiti with the expectation that they will overcome the challenges.” Continue reading

Haitian tea, cocoa, liquor and coffee conquering in Taiwan

Marveled by the different flavors of Haiti’s chocolates, coffee, liqueurs and teas, Taiwanese entrepreneurs have shown interest in doing business with Haiti after the “Taiwan International Tea, Coffee and Wine Expo 2019, which took place from Nov.15 to 18 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall. They intend to offer Haitian entrepreneurs the opportunity to open sales outlets for their products in Taiwan.

Four Haitian companies participated for the first time in this international fair. Rebo exposed its coffee; Askanya, its different flavors of chocolate and cocoa; Belzeb, its tea and Berlin, its liqueurs. This annual event, which brings together exhibitors from more than 53 countries and hosts nearly 200,000 visitors, has been a showcase for entrepreneurs looking for opportunities. Continue reading

The Government denounces acts of vandalism against schools, churches

On Wednesday Nov. 20, Eddy Jackson Alexis, the Secretary of State for Communication, denounced with the utmost force the shocking vandalism perpetrated in recent days against churches and schools in several cities of the country.

The fire of the Departmental Electoral Office of the North, the Quartier Morin Baptist Church and the College du Canapé-Vert stained with feces, “constitute serious violations of individual freedoms and a blatant manifestation of intolerance by some political actors.”

While calling for respect for places of worship, the Government “condemns these acts that shock the Republic” and calls on all the forces of society to condemn unanimously those acts that tarnish the image of Haiti and jeopardize the future of our children. Continue reading

Haiti-Crisis: A meeting between representatives of the three branches of government

Approximately 24 hours after US Ambassador to the United Nations’ visit to Haiti, Kelly Knight Craft, President Jovenel Moïse finally seems to understand the need to engage with other branches of government in order to find a way out of the multi-dimensional crisis that has been eating away at the country for months. A source confirms that the head of state has formally requested a meeting with representatives of the three branches namely Presidents Carl Murat Cantave, Gary Bodeau and René Sylvestre. This meeting is scheduled to take place on Thursday Nov. 21. Continue reading

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