Haiti recognized for its cuisine in Taiwan

On Tuesday, Nov. 19, Rachel Coupaud, Haiti’s Ambassador to Taiwan, launched the Week of Haitian gastronomy, called “Taste of Haiti”. The event runs until Nov, 26 at the Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza, a five-star hotel located in Taipei, Taiwan. “The objective of this event is to highlight Haitian culinary culture. We want to project another image of Haiti to Taiwan,” said Ambassador Coupaud. Continue reading

‘After nine weeks, it’s important that we begin to think about the children,’ Haiti educator says

It has been nine weeks since schools have been closed due to the social and political unrest. Despite the resumption of activities especially in the capital, parents have not decided to send their children to class, due to insecurity.

“After nine weeks, it’s important to start thinking about children,” said Roody Edmé, career educator. He stated that the struggle for change in the country to provide better living conditions for the population is a struggle that everyone adheres to. But the school director, believes that “we must not sacrifice future generations” under the pretext of wanting to change the country. Continue reading

Education: Already 116 million gourdes due in arrears paid

As announced in its action plan for the 2019-2020 school year, as requested by the Ministry of National Education, the National Education Fund proceeded to pay due in arrears, for the 2018-2019, for actors of the Haitian education system.

To date, 116 million and 540,000 Gourdes have already been disbursed in the following departments: South, Southeast and Nippes. Continue reading

A Change is Needed in Canada’s Haiti Policy

Protesters recently threw a Molotov cocktail and burnt tires in front of the Canadian Embassy in Port-au-Prince. At another rally demonstrators hurled rocks at the embassy and a protester was filmed holding a sign saying: “Fuck USA. Merde la France. Fuck Canada.” Continue reading

Haitian State Being ‘Held Hostage,’ Haiti President Says

President Jovenel Moise is standing firm in his resolve to hold on to power and citing plots from special interest groups in Haiti as the root of the country’s civil unrest.

“The Haitian state is being held hostage, and the only way we can talk about development is to free the captured state,” Moise said in an interview with Bloomberg News. “Is it the resignation of the president that will free the state? No, it is reform.” Continue reading

Haitians Angered Over Craft Visit And US Support Of Moise

Haitians are less than enthused over Ambassador Kelly Craft’s visit to Haiti on Wednesday, calling out the United States’ support for the unpopular Jovenel Moise as hypocritical and duplicitous.

Videos circulated on social media and WhatsApp of protesters expressing anger over the U.S.’s interference in Haitian politics, signaling Craft’s visit as the latest example of U.S. meddling. Continue reading

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