Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Photo Credit: Garry Pierre-Pierre

President Jovenel Moise is standing firm in his resolve to hold on to power and citing plots from special interest groups in Haiti as the root of the country’s civil unrest.

“The Haitian state is being held hostage, and the only way we can talk about development is to free the captured state,” Moise said in an interview with Bloomberg News. “Is it the resignation of the president that will free the state? No, it is reform.”

Despite continued protests and calls for his resignation, Moise plans to complete his five-year term and blames “powerful business interests” in Haiti’s energy sector for sowing unrest in the country.

For the last three months, Port-au-Prince has been at a virtual standstill. Businesses and schools in a large part have been closed, while the once promising tourism sector in the country as hit a record low.

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