An American delegation expected in Haiti

An American delegation led by Republican Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Dawn Knight Craft will visit Port-au-Prince on Wednesday, Nov. 20.

This delegation aims to inform all parties concerned of the latest decisions of the United States and the United Nations regarding the crisis in Haiti. Continue reading

BRH lowers interest rates on bonds

The Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH) is lowering rates in bonds. In a notice dated Nov.14, BRH announced the interest rates on bonds estimated on an annual basis will be lowered to 5%, 7% and 15% on maturities of 7, 28 and 91 days respectively. Continue reading

Fire at the Northern Electoral and National Identification Offices

On Sunday, Nov, 17, a group of men reportedly burst inside the Northern Electoral and National Identification Offices with gasoline and started a fire.

Neighbors immediately alerted the police and firefighters, the latter took time to intervene. Police say they have opened an investigation. “We cannot speak on the matter yet … we are investigating the case,” said Commissioner Hugues Gabriel, chief of police. Continue reading

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