Ceremony held for La Saline Massacre victims

On Wednesday, Nov. 13, the La Saline Victims’ Committee organized a ceremony in memory of the victims of the La Saline massacre that took place last November. On Nov. 13 and 14, 2018, five armed gangs, fighting for control of the poor neighborhood of La Saline, carried out a planned attack on the residents. They killed men, women and children, then burned their bodies and left their remains in rubbish swarmed with swine. A year later, desolation can still be seen on the faces of the relatives of those killed, raped or missing. The victims are demanding justice and reparations and say they have received nothing from the authorities in terms of support, despite their suffering by the hands of the gangs. Continue reading

France supports the resumption of dialogue in Haiti

Secretary of State, Amélie de Montchalin, was questioned on Tuesday, Nov., 12 by Congressman Gabriel Serville regarding the situation in Haiti. The elected representative of the Republic has expressed the position of her country regarding the crisis. “In the immediate future, the French position is clear. First, we must really ensure the safety of our compatriots in Haiti since the French community comprises 1,900 registered individuals,” she said.

“Our priority is to support the resumption of a dialogue with all the opposition forces and the entire civil society. We have pointed out, and I am repeating it before you here today, that we are ready to support this dialogue, along with the European Union and in connection with the International Organization of La Francophonie, because we believe that this dialogue is the only possible response to the social emergency and the way out of the current political crisis,” she said. Continue reading

Jovenel Moïse meets sectors of national life

A Ministry of Culture and Communication press release dated Nov. 13, stated that President Jovenel Moïse is working tirelessly to find a concerted and durable solution to the current crisis in the country.

These actions are intended, according to the ministry, to relieve the suffering of the Haitian people who have been facing the worst difficulties for the past several months. It is in this vei that the head of state will meet with vital sectors of national life around the socio-political crisis and initiatives to help attain a peaceful resolution. Continue reading

CORRECTION: Sunrise Airways will not open route to Chile

In an  article published on  Nov. 12, it stated that Sunrise Airways will be opening a route to Chile. According to representatives of Sunrise Airways, the company is not adding a Chile Route , and instead launching service to Turks and Caico that Sunrise Airways will be opening a route to Chile. According to representatives of Sunrise Airways, the company is not adding a Chile route, and is instead launching service to  Turks and Caico

U.S. Embassy Statement on La Saline

On the one year anniversary of the November 13- 14, 2018 La Saline violence, the United States continues to urge the Government of Haiti to investigate La Saline and any and all allegations of human rights abuses, including any alleged use of excessive force by authorities, and to bring those responsible to justice. We continue to call for a visit by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. We are also deeply concerned at the recent spate of violence and loss of life in Bel Air, and deplore the horrific reports of sexual assault and rape in Gonaives and Cabaret. Violence, corruption, and impunity have greatly impeded Haiti’s development goals and the Haitian people’s aspirations for a better life. Continue reading


What is the Best Pickup Truck to Drive in Haiti?

Haiti doesn’t keep any official vehicle ownership statistics, but with 70 million new cars built each year across the world, there is a plentiful supply flowing into the Caribbean country. In particular, anyone who spends any time in Haiti will be aware of the local love of pickup trucks. Able to handle the often uneven terrain and used extensively during rebuilding projects, these vehicles are an all purpose workhorse that makes the life of Haitians easier. If you are looking to get hold of a trusty pickup yourself, here are your three best options. Continue reading

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