Opposition groups look for a consensus

According to Le Nouvelliste, on, Sunday, Nov, 10, and twenty four (24) hours after the five opposition parties reached an agreement to replace President Jovenel Moïse by a judge of the Court of Cassation, Gilbert Mirambeau, petrochallenger who launched the hashtag “#Kotkobpetrocaribea” stated “it is through a consensus that we must choose the leaders of the transition to find a solution to the crisis. The meeting at the Marriott Hotel this weekend shows that Haitians are looking for a solution for Haitians.” Continue reading

Jean Reynald Lubérice: the opposition dreams of destroying democracy

Jean Reynald Lubéric, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, and loyal to President Jovenel Moïse, in reaction to the agreement of the five opposition parties to choose a judge from the Court of Cassation to replace President Jovenel Moïse said “these actors are the opposition who want to destroy democracy, they will not realize this dream.” Continue readingS

Health & Science

Haitians seek medical help from US Navy hospital ship amid protests

Hundreds of Haitians with health problems ranging from diabetes to bullet injuries lined up on Friday hoping to be seen by a staff member aboard the USNS Comfort that docked in Port-au-Prince this week for its last stop of a five-month medical mission.

The U.S. Navy’s floating hospital has visited Haiti six times in the past decade. The latest mission comes at a critical moment when ongoing violent demonstrations and street barricades have caused several hospitals across the country to run out of medical supplies, forcing some to temporarily close as protesters keep demanding the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse. Continue reading

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