CARICOM calls for constructive dialogue to restore order in Haiti

In a statement published Wednesday Nov, 6, the president of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) spoke about the situation in Haiti. According to Allen Chastanet, Prime Minister of Saint Lucia and President of CARICOM, “The Haitian crisis can only be solved by a constructive dialogue between all concerned parties.” He proposes that CARICOM can facilitate this dialogue between the Haitian parties.

CARICOM is saddened and concerned by the worsening of the crisis in Haiti, which has paralyzed normal functioning of all sectors of the country and created a state of misery for the population. Continue reading

Activities resume in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area

Over the past three days, with the exception of schools opening, the resumption of activities in some municipalities in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area has begun.  The movement called “peyi lok“, not over.  Small business, supermarkets, banks, wire transfer institutions, and public transportation are functional in a large portion of the metropolitan area including the town of Carrefour. Continue reading

Americans call for “inclusive dialogue without preconditions”

Michèle J. Sison, US ambassador to Haiti, spoke of the urgent need to find a way out of the socio-political crisis that has plagued Haiti for more than two months. In an interview on Wednesday, Nov, 6, she pleads for a democratic, constitutional and peaceful solution.

“It is through an inclusive dialogue without preconditions, without prerequisites that the solution must be found, a solution that leads to the formation of a government that can save the people right now,” said the US diplomat. Continue reading

What can the State and companies do in this crisis 

Rock André and Marc Alain Boucicault analyzed the situation of businesses after 8 weeks of total inactivity.  On Magik9, the two economists spoke about companies affected by the crisis and discussed the decisions that must be taken to redress the situation.  According to Rock André, during this period of crisis, businesses are in an alarming situation. “This situation is getting worse. At CEDEL-Haiti, we are in contact with several companies. Many of them are forced to close their doors” he shared. Continue reading

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