Unable to protect them, the government condemns the attacks on the embassies of Canada and France

On Friday, Oct. 25 and Sunday, Oct. 27, the embassies of Canada and France in Port-au-Prince were targeted during violent demonstrations.  Demonstrators tried to set the embassies on fire. As a result, both embassies closed their visa delivery service provisionally on Monday, Oct. 28.  In a statement, the resigning Haitian government condemned the attacks and stated that DCPJ has already spearheaded an investigation into these acts of violence. Continue reading

“Our destructive environment affects our mental health,” worries psychologist Béatrice Dalencourt Turnier

Even if it does not appear to be the subject of concern in public forums, the mental health of the population, especially in these times of socio-political crisis, is a very real subject that worries psychologists. This is the case for psychologist, Béatrice Dalencourt Turnier, who spoke on the TV 20 television show “Haiti Sa k ap kwit”, the environment of destruction in which we evolve affects our mental health.

“Discouragement, the impression that life is worthless, despair among others have an impact on our mental health,” said Dr. Turnier. These attitudes (in so far as they are predispositions) can lead to a form of withdrawal into oneself or, where appropriate, aggressiveness towards others. They can also cause insomnia and deep sleep, lack of appetite or the opposite …” she added. Continue reading

Jean Michel Lapin promises to meet police demands

In the wake of the police march in the Haitian capital to demand better working conditions, the resigning prime minister, Jean Michel Lapin has promised to meet their demands

The head of the Superior Council of the National Police indicated that for the past seven months the high command of the Haitian National Police and the prime minister have had a series of discussions regarding police demands. Prime Minister Lapin regrets that the high command did not inform the police. “In the short term, we are working on replenishing police (debit) cards,” said the Prime Minister noting that the police received this two of the past three months they were due. Continue reading

The French Embassy in Haiti denies having sought the arrest of four students participating in a demonstration

In the midst of a socio-economic and political crisis in which Haiti is shaken by massive demonstrations against President Jovenel Moïse, rumors suggest that the French Embassy in Haiti asked for the arrest and imprisonment in the national penitentiary of four students, including a young woman participating in a demonstration on Friday, October 25, 2019.

In a press release, published on Saturday, October 26, 2019, on its website, the Embassy formally denied these rumors while denouncing what it described as “violent attacks devoid of any justification “. Continue reading

Who controls the 76 armed gangs listed by the CNDDR in the territory …?

In Port-au-Prince, as in provincial towns, armed groups very frequently impose their law on national roads. The National Commission for Disarmament, Disbandment and Reintegration indicated that there are about 76 armed gangs throughout the territory. A member of the resigning government told Le Nouvelliste that among these 76 armed groups, at least three of them are under government control, and the rest are under the control of a former deputy and senators of the opposition. For Senator Yuri Latortue, the position of the opposition is formal on armed gangs: “prison or cemetery.” Continue reading

Judges, like schoolchildren, asked to stay at home

In a joint statement dated Oct. 26, the two main associations of Haitian judges noted the courts have been dysfunctional for the past seven weeks due to the acute political crisis, and the inability of government authorities to guarantee security. As a result, they urged judges to stay home until security is guaranteed. They also denounced the attacks and fires against the courts. Continue reading

South Florida

More Than Remittances: A Millennial Expat Calls On His Peers To Do Biz In Haiti

We first met Christherson Jeanty last week in our report on Haiti’s grave political and economic crises. Jeanty was born in Haiti, grew up in Pompano Beach — and now lives in Haiti, where he owns a job placement and outsourcing firm. He also hosts an internet talk show, “Haiti Biz News,” on his YouTube channel SeeJeanty. Continue reading

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