Petit-Goâve inundated: the city’s mayor beckons aid

On Oct. 18 and 19, Petit-Goâve, city Faustin Soulouque, experienced torrential rainfall which flooded several neighborhoods including Geffrard Street, Grand Rue, St. Paul Street, Pétion Street, Avenue Gaston, Ti Guinen, Chabanne, among others. Some rivers of the commune engulfed and damaged houses leaving roads hardly trafficable for vehicles and pedestrians.

Twenty people were evacuated to the Faustin Soulouque high school housing center. Six houses were destroyed in Chabanne and 5 near Place Soulouque, a dozen livestock washed away, several streets were damaged and covered with sand, according to a provisional assessment compiled by Deputy Mayor Délor Desgranges. Continue reading

Santé Nou Celebrates the Launch of its Innovative Health Care Solutions for Haiti in Collaboration with Wid Octavius of Zenglen

Santé Nou recently partnered with Wid Octavius, singer of the Haitian music group “Zenglen”, to bring awareness and help launch its innovative health care services. The establishment evolved naturally. Santé Nou recently came to the aid of the singer’s mother following a road accident in Haiti.

To mark the occasion, a special cocktail and private dinner was organized on Oct. 10, 2019 at the Mondrian South Beach Hotel. It brought together many influential personalities, Haitian leaders, Santé Nou Board members and members of the Corporate Social Responsibility Board.

Santé Nou is a US logistics company specializing in improving healthcare in Haiti. It is a subscription service that extends access to emergency care for people traveling to Haiti and primary care (beginning in 2020) to their families residing in Haiti. Continue reading

Jovenel Moïse, weakened, chooses showdown

On Tuesday, Oct. 15, President Jovenel Moïse dissolved the commission to facilitate dialogue during these difficult times.

“The Constitution is clear. The people voted me in the last election. The Constitution specifies when I must leave power and how to do it. Power belongs to the people and the people have given me power through the Constitution. There are some who are discontent, my role is to talk with the people who are my only boss. I will talk to them often …,” said the President before emphasizing “It would be irresponsible on my part if I signed my letter of my resignation today and let the system regenerate …”

President Moïse has closed the door of dialogue. He torpedoed the last of his facilitation commissions mounted for this purpose. He is placing his presidency on PNH rifles, the assistance of foreign security forces and is attacking his enemies whom he declares are beneficiaries of the “system.” Continue reading

Artists, Politicians, Christians And Vodouists Mobilized In Large Numbers To Demand The Resignation Of Jovenel Moïse

Sunday, October 21, marked the second Sunday of demonstrations against President Jovenel Moise.Organized by several artists and thousands of citizens from diverse sectors marched demanding the resignation of President Moise.

The huge crowd comprised various groups including artists,Christians, vodouists and politicians, marched from Delmas to Pétion-Ville. Among the group of protesters were “Prophet Mackenson” and his followers, entrepreneur Anthony Bennett known asTi Tony, and several senators including Yuri Latortue and Antonio Chéramy, among others. In addition, a crowd from Cité-Soleil joined the protest. Continue reading


Rockland restaurant brings a feel of Haiti to New York

La Talaye is a popular catering and event design business in Rockland County, New York that garnered so much love by its clients that its owner Michelle Timothee, 47, a Port-au-Prince native, was encouraged to expand it into a reservation-only Caribbean cafe earlier this year.

The award-winning organic food chef will be one of five women that reside in Rockland County featured on the cover of Rivertown Magazine for their culinary expertise on Nov. 1. Continue reading


Haitian-American Farmer Pursues Purpose in Light of the Immigrant Hustle

Twenty-five minutes outside of Portland and tucked into the urban West Hills, you’ll find a 15-acre vineyard and a black man with overalls and a wide smile, awaiting to greet you.

Upon entering, you’ll hear The Notorious B.I.G. belting out “it was all a dream” or Jay Z thumping through the speakers. Looking around, you’d see paintings of family, Haitian art, fitted caps and cigars. Barrels and bottles fill the room and guests are speckled in the space – people of all races coming together to enjoy the music, the ambiance and most importantly, the wine. Continue reading

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