112 Haitian migrants deported from the Bahamas after Dorian

The Bahamian government deported 112 Haitian migrants in an irregular situation after Hurricane Dorian. The government has made the announcement through a statement.

Six weeks after the devastating Dorian hurricane hit northern Bahamas including Abaco and Grand Bahama, the deportation operation of illegal Haitians resumed on Thursday reports the New York Times. A first cohort of Haitian migrants was repatriated aboard a Bahamas Air plane.

As Prime Minister Hubert Minnis has announced, undocumented migrants affected by Hurricane Dorian will not benefit from asylum or special treatment in the Bahamas. He also ordered Bahamian companies not to hire migrants without a work permit. This decision, which occurred after the hurricane, greatly affected Haitians who were legally working on the archipelago. They criticize Prime Minister Minnis for imposing a measure that makes it more difficult to access the work permit. Continue reading

Demonstration of the opposition in Carrefour

The opposition made a major event in Carrefour (South of Port-au-Prince) on October 12, 2019. A few hours after the big demonstration in Petion city, opponents of President Jovenel Moïse have surveyed the streets of Carrefour that have remained calm in recent days.

During the demonstration, the police force failed the opposition plan to go to the residence of Moïse to Pèlerin 5 Opposition leaders intended to force the head of state to resign.

Clashes took place between the protesters who threw stones and erected numerous barricades and the police who used tear gas and rubber bullets. Continue reading

The IACHR concerned by the Haitian crisis

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and the Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression attached to it “express their concern at the recent escalation of acts of violence in the context of the political crisis that has occurred has been raging in Haiti since mid-2018 and is manifesting itself in pressure for the Haitian president’s term to be suspended and the disproportionate use of force by a part of the police to suppress demonstrations.”

The IACHR urges the State to take the necessary measures to guarantee the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and to adopt urgent measures to protect the life and integrity of the country’s inhabitants and to enable journalists to carry out their work. Likewise, the Commission urges all Haitian political forces to return to peaceful means of political consultation and to preserve the democratic institutions of the country. Continue reading

AMIH, ANMH, AJH and RSF condemn the assassination of Nehemiah Joseph and demand that justice be returned to him

The ANMH and AMIH media associations condemn and deplore the assassination of journalist Nehemiah Joseph. In a joint note, officials of the National Association of Haitian Media and the National Association of Independent Media in Haiti who say they learned with astonishment the news of the assassination of Nehemiah Joseph on Thursday night denounce a “heinous act in addition to the threats and other attacks on press organs and journalists throughout the country.” The associations report that the first available information refers to “execution by firearm.”

Frantz Duval and Georges Venel Remarais, who are respectively president of the ANMH and president of the AMIH, underline that the journalist who animated a program on Radio Panic FM of Mirebalais and who was a correspondent of Radio Mega had made mention of threats received in the framework of his work. On the basis of this information, the two media bosses call the police and justice to do their job so that all the light is shed on this assassination and for justice to be done to Joseph.

Expressing their condolences to the parents, friends and colleagues of Joseph, they remind the constituted authorities that it is up to them to do everything possible to guarantee the security conditions for all the media, for all journalists and for all in the country. They take the opportunity to ask journalists and the media in general to continue to do their job so essential to the information of the population and to be vigilant and solidarity. Continue reading

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