200 plus organizations throughout Latin and South America sign open letter to Haitian citizens calling for the ouster of President Jovenel Moise

A collective of human rights organizations penned an open letter to the people of Haiti, conveying their solidarity and support of their quest to remove President Jovenel Moise from office.

“From the most diverse corners and sectors of our American continent, we want to convey our solidarity and support to the struggle that you have been realizing in the streets and in many other  ways, after a fair and urgent demand,” it said in the letter. Among the signatures is Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, who won the prize in 1980 for his human rights work in Latin America.

The letter expresses support for Haitians’ demands and denounces international interference in the Haiti’s political affairs.

“The consensus of Haitian society is unanimous in the rejection of the continuity of the ‘neoduvalier’ regime of the PHTK, of the the humiliating presence of the United Nations,  and of all foreign interference,” it said int the letter. “The widest social sectors, from businessmen to the peasants, workers, self-employed, intellectuals, professionals, the Catholic church, students, women, artists, the entire political spectrum of the Haitian opposition, refuse to recognize a regime with external interests, which condemns them and sacrifices them to hunger and the most brutal deprivations, all to serve foreign powers.”

On Oct. 11, Haitians took to the streets once more to demonstrate and call for the resignation of Moise. Protesters targeted Petion-ville and the president’s affluent neighborhood of Pelerin. At least 18 people have died so far this year in anti-government protests.

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