A commission to ease the transition

The opposition reiterates its determination to continue the mobilization to overthrow President Jovenel Moise. Opposition leaders made a presentation of members of the Transitional Facilitation Commission.

The nine members of the commission are leaders of the parties that make up the Alternative Consensual for the Refoundation of Haiti. The members of the commission will have to appoint a judge of the Court of Cassation as provisional president during the transitional period. Continue reading

Haiti is facing severe food insecurity

According to FAO estimates, 41 countries around the world, including 31 in Africa, continue to require external food aid. Continuing conflict remains the main factor behind the high level of severe food insecurity, while adverse weather conditions have also undermined agricultural production, reducing food availability and access to food.

Haiti is one of the regions facing serious food insecurity. FAO has noted prolonged drought episodes and high inflation. It was estimated in August 2019 that around 2.6 million people would require food assistance in as cereal production has been affected by drought (especially maize), to which contributed to high food prices. Continue reading

Gasoline, the essence of a black market

Mario makes a last mechanical check in his old tap-tap before going to the Central Plateau. This man in his fifties is known in this district of Delmas as wholesale clairin salesman, a local rum. On October 5, his five barrels on his vehicle was not filled with alcohol but with gasoline.

“This is the new industry,” he says. A pump attendant in Mirebalais sells a large amount of gasoline that he sells in other provincial cities, including Les Cayes. “I buy the gallon at 300 gourdes, I sell it in the blink of an eye to 600 gourdes,” he says. “In one day, I sell two hundred gallons.” Continue reading

Protests have claimed the lives of more than 70 people in 2019

77 people have been killed in Haiti since the beginning of 2019 as part of protests according to figures provided by the National Defense Network human rights (Rnddh).

For the period from October 1-9, 10 people were killed, four of whom were murdered for the first day of October 1, in La Saline, during a clash between gangs Ti Junior and allies and those neighborhoods project La Saline. The Rnddh specifies that three of the murdered people respond to the names of Jean Wilner Fortune, Roger Claude and Osnel Bertin. Continue reading

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