On Sept. 23, Wayaj, a Haitian-owned travel platform, presented its app during Climate Week amongst leaders of hotel and tourism industries at the New York Institute of Technology.

“Wayaj is an app that encourages people to travel sustainably,” said founder Nelly Gedeon. “Right now the app has 400 hotels throughout the world in over 94 countries.”

The app makes it easy for green-conscientious travelers to learn about which of its listed hotels are the most environmentally friendly on a scale of one to 100, according to Gedeon.

“Travelers don’t know how to find properties that are sustainable, or a lot of properties front themselves as sustainable, but there are no metrics and it’s a marketing ploy,” said Gedeon. “What Wayaj does is flushes that out by scoring the hotels very clearly and we present why the hotel is very sustainable.”

The app presents information on what resources a hotel uses, how they use it, the air quality of the property and if they hire locally, according to Gedeon, a Port-au-Prince native who currently resides in L.I.  



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