By Claire Savage

Karl Racine was born to be a changemaker. 

Public service is in his blood: his father was the mayor of Croix-des-Bouquets, his mother is a lifelong educator.

“The source of my motivation and passion derives from my family,” the District’s first-ever elected attorney general said, his smile apparent in his voice.

He’s busy. Very busy. 

Juggling dozens of public improvement initiatives, constituent feedback, office politics, trailblazing for future D.C. attorney generals and, of course, suing President Donald Trump, Racine also runs point recruiting Democratic attorneys general across the country. He’s made a dent, too — the organization has flipped several seats since they first started recruiting. 

“Everything we do sets a precedent,” he said.

Rather than enjoy his lunch during precious spare minutes, Racine instead took my interview, salad in hand. We sat together in his office — Racine, his press officer, Marrisa Geller, and myself — at the Democratic Attorneys General Association, where he is co-chair. 

It’s rare to feel welcome in a stranger’s office, but in Karl Racine’s, you do. He pulled up an extra chair and we sat together, talking about his life, his career and his Haitian heritage.


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Claire Savage is a freelance journalist who specializes in covering international news. She earned her bachelor's degree in Spanish and International Business at Washington University in St. Louis and...