Status quo in the Haitian crisis

The two parties in the Haitian crisis are camping on their position. In the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area economic activities intensified Thursday. The various public transport circuits have worked and intense activities were observed in the shopping centers.

The government has renewed its call for dialogue to opposition leaders. The PHTK spokesman, Roudy Herriveaux, argues that President Jovenel Moïse tends the olive branch to his brothers in the opposition. However, he specifies that Moïse will not capitulate to those who want a coup d’etat at any cost. Continue reading

Interruption of humanitarian programs in Haiti

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCH) informs that due to the continuing socio-political turmoil in Haiti, hospitals, orphanages, civil protection units and other emergency services operate with reduced capabilities in its latest report. This is due among other things to the shortage of fuel, the scarcity of drinking water and other essential products.

Violence and blockades of major roads have interrupted the humanitarian programs of UN agencies and NGOs. At the beginning of the year, 2.6 million people were food insecure. Indications are that more people may be food insecure due to economic problems and inadequate rainfall. Continue reading

The former finance minister subject to various threats

The former holder of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (Mef), Ronald Gray December, is the subject of serious threats. Threats including looting and burning of his house were reportedly made against the former minister. Continue reading

President tries to regain control on the eve of a new demonstration by the opposition

Where did President Jovenel Moses go? “He was walking on Thursday in the streets of Pétion-Ville for a walkabout,” said Nouvelliste a close to the head of state. “The president went to greet people at Panamerican Street and it was a spontaneous action of the president who was leaving his house this morning to go to the National Palace.”

“The president and I work every day. He was at his office on Tuesday at the National Palace and we worked on instructions for the formation of government action cells. This Thursday, the head of state was at his office at the Palace and received the credentials of the new ambassador of the European Union. This Thursday, he visited victims in the town of Pétion-Ville, “the resigned Prime Minister Jean-Michel Lapin told the Nouvelliste confirming the video that circulates on social networks showing Jovenel Moses and his wife in a street in Pétion-Ville on Thursday. This is his first public appearance in two months.

Jean-Michel Lapin said that at no time during the special Council of Ministers last Monday, the president had called on the phone to give instructions. According to him, Moïse, who should actually chair this Council of Ministers, at the same time had another meeting with members of the international community in the country. Lapin says he was appointed at the time by the president to chair the Council of Ministers. Continue reading

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