Slight change in government

A few hours after a speech where President Jovenel Moïse announced provisions to restore security in the country, two main officials of the Ministry of the Interior were removed from office.

The resigning minister, Jean Mary Reynaldo Brunet has been replaced by Minister of Education Pierre Josué Agénor Cadet. He was installed in his new position by the resigning prime minister, Jean Michel Lapin. Continue reading

President once again calls on Religions for Peace as a mediator in the crisis

After refusing to mediate in the political dialogue to find a solution to the crisis in February 2018, Religions for Peace gave a favorable response to a new request from President Jovenel Moïse who made a plea on Twitter for dialogue between opposing factions in the country.

“I have asked for the good offices of Religions for Peace to facilitate discussions with the different sectors that will lead to a political agreement in the face of the crisis. They accepted. The Nation is happy to be able to rely on its daughters and sons,” Moïse wrote on Twitter. Continue reading

Four dead after week of unrest in Haiti

Haitian police authorities reported four dead and four wounded as part of a partial assessment of the violent events recorded during this week. PNH deputy spokesperson Gary Desrosiers reports that among the four people killed is a security guard.

Two police officers are accused of two murders. Police are also accused of being involved in bullet wounds of citizens in Saint Marc and Mirebalais in particular. Desrosiers indicates that the police high command intends to adopt provisions against police officers who behave in an undesirable manner. He confirms that the General Inspectorate has already investigated complaints against police officers. Continue reading

ANMH and AJH call on justice officials to address recent violence against photojournalist

The National Association of Haitian Media (Anmh) and the Association of Haitian Journalists (Ajh) call on justice to address the act of aggression on Sept. 23 in Parliament against Associated Press photojournalist, Dieu Nalio Chéry from Senator Ralph Féthière.

The ANH denounced the fact that no action has been taken by judicial and police authorities regarding the incident. Continue reading

4.6 earthquake recorded in Port-Salut

A 4.6 earthquake was recorded off Port-Salut on Sept. 25. The Directorate of Civil Protection released the details on its Twitter account after the earthquake struck felt by the inhabitants of the municipality.

Citizens of the city of Les Cayes had to leave their house after feeling the shock, said a contributor to our editorial staff. He says that a panic has blown through the town following the earthquake. No damage was recorded according to the communal committees of the Civil Protection and our contact on the spot. But a technical report with further details will be published shortly. Continue reading


Remittances or Investments: The Way Forward for Haiti

Shortly before he passed away in 2006 my half-brother requested that I helped his three children. For more than six years I did just that from paying for housing, to food, to education. But when my children were about to enter college, I knew that my finances were about to tighten so I told my niece that she could no longer count on the monthly remittances. But I gave her the option of giving her a lump sum of money to invest in whatever enterprise that would allow her to be self-dependent. Continue reading

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