Opposition rejects call for dialogue

President Jovenel Moïse’s call for a truce has only intensified the mobilization of protesters in the streets of the Port-au-Prince. New barricades were erected which contributed to intensifying the paralysis of activities.

The streets were deserted because of the impossibility for public transport vehicles to circulate. Two weeks after the start of the protest on the background of the fuel crisis, the demonstrations have now a political background.

One of the main leaders of the democratic and popular sector organization, André Michel, rejects the call for dialogue with a view to forming a consensus government. He stressed that the solution to the crisis inevitably involves the resignation of Moïse. Continue reading

Trump meets with Bocchit Edmond

The Haitian chancellor, Bocchit Edmond met with President Donald Trump on Wednesday, where they discussed U.S.’s policy on Venezuela. According to reports, Edmond reaffirmed support of the U.S.’s position on the South American country. He also claimed to have discussed the situation in Haiti with the heads of a 13-country delegation. Continue reading

Attempt to attack the residence of the family of journalist Lilianne Pierre-Paul in Pétionville

Dozens of gunmen attacked and tried to set fire the residence of the family of journalist Lilianne Pierre-Paul from the private radio station TV Kiskeya on Wednesday afternoon. The armed individuals broke the windshield of a vehicle, clearly identified with the logo of Radio Kiskeya with stones.

Stéphane Pierre-Paul, who was there at the time of the attack, tried to make them listen to reason. Several of the armed aggressors then wanted to ransom the Pierre-Paul family by demanding money.

Fortunately, no member of the Pierre-Paul family was a victim. Immediately, many calls and gestures of solidarity from different sectors were expressed to the Pierre-Paul family in Pétionville. Continue reading

Resumption of international flights at Toussaint Louverture airport

International flights resumed on Wednesday morning at the Toussaint Louverture International Airport, after an interruption due to a fire that broke out at the departure hall. The fire was due to a short circuit in a room used as a warehouse. Continue reading


Two Haitians, Including A Pregnant Woman, Die From Poor Treatment in Mexican Detention Center

Human rights organizations based in Tapachula, Mexico said two Haitian refugees, including a pregnant woman, died tragically in migrant detention centers last month due to poor treatment.

“We have many cases of health issues and torture or sexual harrasment in detention centers here in Tapachula,” said Enrique Vidal, a coordinator for the Human Rights Center Fray Matias de Cordova. Continue reading

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