Haiti senator opens fire outside parliament, wounds photographer

A Haitian senator trying to disperse protesters opened fire with a pistol outside parliament on Monday, a photojournalist who was wounded in the shooting said.

Senator Jean-Marie Ralph Fethiere, a member of Haiti’s ruling party, said he acted in self-defense after opposition protesters burst into the parliament building in the capital Port-au-Prince to disrupt a session of the Senate. Continue reading

Ghosts of tyrants past stalk proud Haiti as it slides towards the brink

Last Sunday, Rony Marceline was riding his motorbike out of Ouanaminthe, a muggy, colourful town on Haiti’s border with the Dominican Republic, on a mission that within a few days has become commonplace: transporting yellow plastic containers of petrol. He hit a lorry and the canister split, enveloping him and his passenger, an as yet unnamed woman, in flames. Continue reading

“I defended myself,” justifies Senator Féthière

Senator Jean Mary Ralph Fethière confirms that he used his firearm this morning in Parliament to defend himself from the assault of dozens of opposition activists who invaded the legislative palace. He did not know that there was a journalist in the crowd.

“I was attacked by violent militant groups. So, I defended myself!” said Senator Jean Marie Ralph Féthière, in an interview with Radio Mega a few hours after the incident where at least two were wounded on the court of Parliament.

The PHTK parliamentarian reports that angry militants tried to extract him from his vehicle that was parked in the Senate parking lot. Continue reading

A crazy day of demonstration in Haiti

Hundreds of protesters surveyed the streets of Port-au-Prince, Delmas and Petion city, on Monday as part of a broad mobilization to prevent the holding of the General Policy Ratification Session appointed by Prime Minister Fritz William Michel in the Senate.

Despite an impressive police security apparatus, opposition protesters mobilized early in and around the legislative palace. Rooms in the legislative palace had been painted with feces before the arrival of the legislators.

Clashes took place between the protesters and senators. Senate Speaker Carl Murat Cantave claims to have been attacked in his office by individuals accompanying his colleague Antonio Chéramy. Continue reading

Despite the crisis in Haiti, Moïse announced participation at the 74th UN General Assembly

Despite calls by people for his resignation, President Jovenel Moïse plans to take part in the 74th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) in New York on Tuesday. He is expected to address the UN General Assembly on Thursday according to resigning Foreign Ministry Bocchit Edmond.

Bilateral meetings should also take place between Moïse and the Prime Minister of India, the Secretary General of the UN, the Secretary General of the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF), on the sidelines of this assembly and is also expected to meet with U.S. President Donald Trump.

Discussions at the 74th UN General Assembly should focus on cooperation in areas such as development, peace and security. Continue reading

Ratification session under scrutiny as the opposition demands the resignation of Carl Murat Cantave

Senate Speaker Carl Murat Cantave wants to use the means to carry out the ratification session of Prime Minister Fritz William Michel’s policy statement. Correspondence was sent to Jean Michel Lapin, the former Haitian Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice and Public Security Jean Roody Aly. In a first correspondence, Cantave claims the presence of the police inside the Parliament.

“The Senate Bureau requests you, under Rule 140.2 of the Senate Rules of Procedure, to issue instructions to the Director General of the National Police to secure the interior of Parliament at the sitting. of ratification of the Prime Minister named Fritz William Michel,” according to the correspondence.

Cantave added that no parliamentary security officer will be able to work in the interior court space which must be handled exclusively by national police officers.

“It is understood that each senator may be accompanied at the entrance to Parliament [with] only two uniformed police officers who are assigned to his service in addition to his driver for security reasons. Only the portal of the Ministry of Defense will serve as a gateway for senators, journalists and staff,” he said. Continue reading


Fuel shortages drive Haitians into the Dominican Republic for petrol

Facing acute fuel shortages in their own country, Haitians took a chance to cross the border into the Dominican Republic in search of petrol on Monday.

Dozens were seen crossing the border and gathering around a petrol station in Dajabon, the capital city of the Dajabon province in the Dominican Republic, on the border with Haiti. Continue reading

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