Unrest over fuel shortages sparks crisis in Haiti

Police fired live rounds and tear gas as they clashed with protesters in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, on Friday.

Demonstrators demanding an end to the fuel crisis erected burning barricades in the streets and pelted officers with stones and glass bottles. Continue reading

The victims of Petit-Goave feel abandoned

Petit-Goâve residents are frustrated with the lack of public assistance from the government following flooding in the region that left two people dead and four missing.

“We are still at the evaluation stage and we can not make any intervention, because there is no way,” said Delors Desgranges in a telephone interview with AlterRadio 106.1 FM.

Some central authorities have called us, but no concrete signal has been given, adds the mayor, noting that 123 families totaling about 600 people are temporarily being accommodated at Faustin Soulouque high school. Continue reading

President will do everything to have a prime minister before going to the UN

President Jovenel Moïse will fly to New York on Tuesday and not this Sunday, contrary to reports obtained from a source close to the Haitian presidency and broadcast last week by Le Nouvelliste. According to the new information, a pure and simple cancellation of the visit of the president to the United Nations was even considered.

“President Moïse can not come to the UN without a government installed in Haiti,” according to the unnamed source, explaining that “the convocation Monday, at 8 o’clock in the morning, senators for a ratification session of the last chance for Fritz William Michel fits into this framework.”

Despite allegations of corruption and attacks by the president’s allies against appointed Prime Minister Fritz William Michel, Moïse has no choice. He needs a prime minister to be credible abroad, and he is ready for any effort to get the new Prime Minister through before he leaves. Continue reading

The meeting of the ratification of the general policy of Fritz William Michel scheduled for Monday

The meeting of ratification of the general policy statement of Prime Minister Fritz William Michel is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 23 at 8 a.m. The president of the Senate made the announcement on his Twitter account Sunday afternoon.

“Contrary to rumors that the ratification session was scheduled for Sunday, the ratification meeting of the PM named @fritzwmichel and his government is scheduled for Monday, September 23, 2019 at 8am,” tweeted Carl Murat Cantave. Continue reading

The OAS will unlock $17.7 million to fight corruption in Haiti

The Organization of American States (OAS) is supporting a program to fight corruption in Haiti with a technical and financial assistance of $17.7 million.

The mechanism that the OAS will use to support the fight against corruption in the country is not yet known. The hemispheric Orn has already approved a $17.7 million envelope, stressed that the OAS will provide technical assistance to the various state institutions involved in the fight against terrorism. fight against corruption such as the Superior Court of Auditors, the ULCC (Anti-Corruption Unit) and UCREF (Central Financial Intelligence Unit).

This program spans a period of four years, said Bocchit Edmond in a phone interview Thursday. Several OAS member states have already decided to fund this program, he said.

“This program has already been approved and will be implemented before the end of the year,” assured Bocchit Edmond. Continue reading

10 Years After Haiti’s Earthquake, ‘This Music School Will Never Stop’

The other day, I went down to the National Mall here in Washington, D.C., and heard the sound of hope in sweet, strong, young voices.

A youth choir and chamber ensemble from Haiti are on a U.S. tour that’s taken them from Maine to Manhattan to Kentucky over the past month. This stop was in a lush garden of the Smithsonian museums. The tour is meant to showcase Haiti’s rich musical heritage — and to raise awareness of the country’s rebuilding efforts. Continue reading


Bahamas government denies ill-treatment of Haitians

The Bahamas government has refuted allegations that non-nationals are being mistreated in the wake of Hurricane Dorian and appealed to the international community “to seek trusted and credible sources of information” on the country. Continue reading

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