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How The New Road In Cap-Haïtien Is Changing Lives

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The updates made to the road connecting Labadie and the city of Cap has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on the lives of those living in the area. It has also created huge advantages for the economy by boosting commerce, industry, urbanization and tourism. This article will look at the many different ways in which the road has improved lives and opportunities for people in Labadie and Cap-Haïtien

More pride in the community

The road was opened by the president in February 2018. On the day of it’s opening, Jovenel Moïse was accompanied by the Prime Minister of the Bahamas, who was attending the CARICOM summit in Haiti at the time, and the World bank Country Director, Anabela Aberu. The President gave thanks in his speech to the role that the World Bank played in making it all possible. Citizens in this region have said that since the updates to the road, they now have a lot more pride in their community.

What a difference a road makes

The trip from Labadie to downtown Cap-Haïtien now takes less than 30 minutes, whereas before it took 90 minutes. In the past, this had caused a lot of problems for children traveling to school in Cap. The previous journey involved having to catch a boat before completing the journey on a tap tap. The trip was hard, long and tiring, and it meant that children were arriving late to school. The road was in bad shape before, with a lot of rocks obstructing the way and uneven surfaces, which increased the risk of injury and accident. 

The road has revitalised the economy

With no functioning railways or tramways since the 1970s, Haiti has often relied on air and sea transportation, and the roads. However, major earthquakes have interfered with the nation’s ground transport infrastructure to a large degree. That being said, the road has opened up many more trade opportunities, which has resulted in the growth of both new and existing businesses. It has also lead to a significant increase in urbanization, which in turn helps to fuel economic growth and increase standards of living. Compared to many other countries, road travel remains more of a hazard, with fewer well developed roads and regulations.

Bringing more tourism to the region

The new road has also had an impact on the development of the tourism sector. A new tourism destination has been emerging in the Grand Nord as a result of the road development. The area is renowned for its Natural History Park and other places of interest, and since the road’s construction, it has been growing in popularity.

Towards a brighter more sustainable future

The poor state of roads in Haiti at the moment are a cause for concern. Road traffic accidents are still too prevalent in the nation. Furthermore, the poor quality of road surfaces, including many potholes and dirt roads, means vehicles are damaged too often. This might be good for mechanics and car sales, but it’s not good for people’s health or wealth, and not good for the country’s image. Experts at FVF Law assert that any tourist caught in a traffic accident in Haiti can claim from the at-fault party, but may be also liable if they are at fault. When traveling to Haiti, whether for business or leisure, make sure your road and personal injury cover is up-to-date and correct for the nation.

Citizens are happier, healthier and have many more opportunities, thanks to the development of this road. Transportation costs are also now much more affordable for families, and quality of life has improved. It is helping to bolster Haiti’s reputation on a larger scale too, bringing in a lot more trade, and with that, improving the outlook of the region and its citizens for the future.

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Consider Transport

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