Gasoline distribution resumes in Port-au-Prince

Some gas stations in ​​Port-au-Prince resumed the distribution of petroleum products on Thursday although nothing has changed in stations where motorists and motorcyclists continue jostling for supplies.

The rush in gas stations may prolong the gasoline crisis according to Secretary of State for Communications, Eddy Jackson Alexis as he kept himself from using the word fuel shortage to describe the situation. Continue reading

Boulos denounces huge loans from parliamentarians

Entrepreneur and politician Réginald Boulos reveals that many senators, MPs and entrepreneurs have taken large loans at ONA. He urges the director of ONA to publish the list of all personalities who have not made any payments on their loan.

Boulos admitted that his company, Safari Motors had signed an agreement with ONA under the administration of Jocelerme Privert. However, he pointed out that several parliamentarians had obtained loans above the 700 million gourdes of his company. He claims to have paid more than $17 million to ONA under the contract. Continue reading

Appointed Prime Minister not eligible to hold this position, says civil society group

Fritz William Michel was appointed Prime Minister by a presidential decree on July 22, replacing Jean Michel Lapin. The latter had resigned the same day having realized his inability to pass the ratification stage in Parliament particularly because he was part of the resigning government and that in his government there were several former ministers, some of which were considered irritants.

The day after his appointment, Michel was indexed in a case related to the feeding of a Twitter account from which he analyzed the socio-political situation of the country in general and made hateful and derogatory remarks towards Haitian journalists, women among others.

If the excuse of the “false count” advanced by the concerned seems to have calmed the situation, today the corruption scandals in which Michel is indexed and of which took note in the press, Together Against Corruption (ECC), have caught the attention of the collective. Continue reading

Officials at the General Hospital scream for help

“The situation can not continue like this, we will all perish. We must right the bar faster,” said Dr. Jessy Colimon Adrien, the Executive Director of the Hospital of the State University of Haiti (HEUH), hammering that the situation becomes untenable.

“Too much stress to live on a daily basis. Too much frustration,” she says, explaining that the scarcity of fuel has serious consequences for the operation of the reference hospital of the country whose fuel reserves are dry. She had trouble getting her supplies of oxygen, one of the indispensable inputs in a hospital.

It’s been three weeks since Dr. Adrien struggled to find the two ends to run the biggest hospital in the country, which is drowning in rubbish because the Metropolitan Solid Waste and Collection Service (SMCRS) can not collect the waste. The hospital is also facing a problem of water scarcity. The National Directorate of Drinking Water (DINEPA) does not deliver water because the trucks are absent. The difficulties are many, she says. Continue reading

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