Port au Prince protests enter third day, paralyzing city

The new version of peyi lok intensified during the third day of demonstrations as protesters used every means possible to obstruct the roads. The main roads as well as the secondary roads were blocked by protesters who stood guard there. Many protesters threw stones at vehicles and ransomed traders.

The three days of protests have had catastrophic effects on the economic and social sectors. The machinery of the City Council of Port-au-Prince could not remove the garbage because of the demonstrations and the inability to get supplies in gas stations. Mayor Ralph Youri Chevry promises to resume garbage collection on Thursday. Continue reading

Five dead as country remains in lock down from protests

Activities remained largely paralyzed on the third day of protests in Port au Prince. At least five people, including a police officer, have been reported dead, according to local police reports.

Despite resigning, Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin announced Tuesday 140 thousand barrels of fuel will arrive after more than three weeks of shortage. However, the move did little to quell the people’s frustrations. The fuel has yet to be distributed. Continue reading

New denunciations of corruption by senators

Senators from the various blocs in the government deny the charges against them and have launched new charges against their opponents.

Senator Gracia Delva accuses his colleague, Yuri Latortue, of being involved in corruption cases between his firm National and the construction company Estrella. He maintains that the chairman of the anti-corruption commission had received bribes before the interpellation meeting of Prime Minister Jean Henri Céant.

At the same time, Senator Delva denies any involvement in the kidnapping in connection with gang leader Arnel Joseph. Continue reading

Dominican Republic announces temporary closure of border with Haiti

Miguel Vargas Maldonado, Dominican Minister of Foreign Affairs, announced Tuesday evening that the Dominican Republic will be temporarily closing its border with Haiti due to tensions from the fuel shortage in Haiti after the government announced its intention to revise increasing diesel prices. Continue reading

New York

How one man is bridging the divide between the Jewish, Haitian and greater Caribbean community in Brooklyn

Mark Appel does not like the spotlight. It’s a Wednesday morning and the silver-haired, Jewish, lifelong New Yorker is flying around his Flatbush venue, The Bridge Multicultural and Advocacy Center, and fielding calls from the speakers preparing for day two of the Visionaries Leadership Conference, a networking event to promote intercultural visions of prosperity. The conference is a collaboration between The Bridge and the Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition, an organization that fosters collaboration between Caribbean countries and Israel through means of communication and innovation. It’s difficult to get him to talk about anything else but this today, or ever. Continue reading

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