BRH allows commercial banks to accept new CIN

Commercial banks are allowed to accept the new National Identification Card (NIC) issued by the National Identification Office (ONI) in case of customer banking transactions. The authorization was granted in a letter from the Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH) addressed to Franck Helmcke, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Professional Association of Banks (APB).

“The BRH is asking you to notify your association members that they can accept any one card in circulation as a valid official identification,” says the statement dated September 10. The commercial banks have expressed, according to the letter from the BRH concerns about the presentation of customers a recent identification card different from that in circulation for years. The Bank of Banks reports that it has addressed this problem with the ONI.

The president of the Ethics and Anticorruption Committee of the Senate, Senator Yuri Latortue, did not take the time to react to this resolution of the BRH. He asked the assembly of senators through a letter addressed to the president of the body, Carl Murat Cantave to remind the Council of the BRH the obligation to comply with the decree of identification from June 2005. Continue reading

Return to calm in Port-au-Prince

Activities have resumed in some areas of the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area after a day of tension. However, barricades of inflamed tires are noticed on several arteries including Delmas.

Public administration and schools remain paralyzed. In the early hours of the day, very few vehicles were visible in the streets of Port-au-Prince, Carrefour, Delmas and Pétion city. Continue reading

Government fights against the false fuel shortage

The government commissioner of La Croix des Bouquet calls for an urgent intervention by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to curb the false rationing of fuel. He pointed out that the Ministry of Commerce inspectors must do their work by notifying gas stations that refuse to sell the fuel in stock.

Government commissioners will be able to launch legal proceedings against these contractors. Over the past few days, citizens have denounced the secret sale of fuel by gas stations. The Heads of Procuratorate of Port-au-Prince and La Croix des Bouquets have agreed to combine their efforts to combat the sale of fuel on the black market. Continue reading

The authorities announce the arrival of 140 thousand barrels of gasoline

A cargo of 140 thousand barrels of fuel arrived in Haiti after more than three weeks of shortage, according to what was announced Tuesday afternoon by the resigning Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin.

This delivery totals six million, 720 thousand gallons of gasoline, which will be distributed through four companies, said the prime minister. A precarious calm was observed Tuesday after heavy tensions in the streets of Port-au-Prince and several provincial towns, killing at least one person the previous day.

A call to strike was launched by the unions and social movements and then relayed on social networks has blocked traffic and activities across many regions. Continue reading

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