The Senate is once again vandalized

Armed individuals close to the opposition accompanying several senators including Antonio Cheramy alias Don Kato burst Wednesday evening in the Senate session room and even sat for a few minutes as members of the bureau.

The agents assigned to the security of the parliament were powerless in the face of the presence of those individuals who improvised a demonstration on the court of parliament. Continue reading

Third day of the new school year fueled with tension

The third day of school for the 2019-2020 school year did not end in peace. Students and parents experienced their first fright episode because of the tension that prevailed in the metropolitan area. Those who did not find public transportation because of the fuel scarcity of had to walk. Continue reading

Haiti-Cinema-Literature: Anthony Phelps as an artist

“He writes his poem as an artist” mentions Anthony Phelps, 91, renowned Haitian poet and author of the famous text entitled My country here. It is the subject of a beautiful film directed by filmmaker Arnold Antonin and premiered this week in Port-au-Prince.

The documentary film Anthony Phelps at the border of the text is conceived as a kind of anthology of selected pieces of the writer. It is interwoven in a sort of fade with images of Haiti and pictures of Phelps himself walking either in Montreal or in Haiti. Continue reading


Versatile Haitian-American Singer/Songwriter Natalie Jean Wins Gold in the 2019 Global Music Awards

Haitian American singer and songwriter Natalie Jean took home the Gold Medal in the August 2019 Global Music Awards. Jean won for her song, “You Don’t Know Me,”which was written by Jean and produced by Alexi Von Guggenberg.

This is her second Gold Medal in the Global Music Awards. In 2017, she won a Gold Medal for Female Vocalist for her French song L’Amour a L’Infini, a co-write with Lyssabelle, which was also produced by Von Guggenberg. Continue reading

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