The contribution of parliamentarians to the economy is zero

Economist Etzer Émile insists that Haitian parliamentarians did not contribute to the economic boom during the 50th legislature. By closing yesterday their last ordinary session, the deputies have not voted any proposal for a law to revive the economy.

Emile is not so much concerned about the budget of 7 billion gourdes of Parliament as the lack of legislative productions to encourage investment and promote the development of small and medium enterprises.

The parliamentarians are not aware of their role in the economic sector as they only worry about censoring and ratifying heads of government, he mentioned. Continue reading

Bodeau warns senators of radical opposition

The Speaker of the House of Commons, Gary Bodeau, argues for a regular meeting in the Senate. “I hope there will be a democratic sitting in the Senate,” said Bodeau referring to the threats of several senators of the radical opposition.

The senators plan to prevent the holding of the ratification meeting of Prime Minister Fritz William Michel’s general policy. These parliamentarians had destroyed the Senate’s furniture preventing the holding of the policy ratification session of former Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin.

Democracy must triumph in order for the meeting to be held in peace and for the majority to decide one way or the other, Bodeau mentioned. Continue reading

Constitution bans any extension of elected officials in Haiti, says Mirlande Hyppolite Manigat

The Constitution in Haiti prohibits an extension of the term of office of elected officials, said the honorary president of the party Rally of Progressive National Democrats (Rdnp), Mirlande Hyppolite Manigat at a press conference on Tuesday.

“The mandate of MPs is 4 years, the term of senators six years. There is no extension, either, for legislatures,” he said, noting that the 50th Parliament ended on September 9 when 119 deputies went on vacation.

For several years, the candidate, winner of the senatoriales with the greatest number of votes, was elected for six years in Haiti, the second for a term of three years and the third for a term of two years.

Only two senators were from the last electoral rounds. In the face of these senators who now claim six years of office, there should be a political decision according to Manigat. Continue reading

Haitian national team draws against Curacao

The Haitian team conceded the point of the draw against Curacao on Tuesday at Silvio Cator Stadium. Curaçaolais were supportive and disciplined, resisting all assaults of the grenadiers.

Everything had started well for the Haitians who opened the scoring at the 19th minute by Frandzy Pierrot. However, the curaçaolais reacted and found the equalizer at the 40th minute.

The expulsion of Ricardo Adé at the start of the second half was the turning point of the match. Coach Marc Collat ​​had no choice but to bring out Dukens Nazon to consolidate his central hinge with Andrew Jean Baptiste. Continue reading


‘Give Paperless Haitians Temporary Asylum’

HAITIAN Chargé d’Affaires Dorval Darlier wants the Bahamas government to grant temporary asylum to undocumented migrants affected by Hurricane Dorian.

This, he asserted yesterday, was the best way to assist devastated Haitians living in Grand Bahama and Abaco to rebuild their lives after losing everything to Dorian’s destruction. Continue reading


Tested Innocence: A Shared Journey to Self-Love and Acceptance

Barefoot and free of worries, I remember walking on the beach not even feeling the slight discomfort of the hot white sand. In this hidden town of Gommier, built under the legend of Antoine Nan Gommier, southwest of Haiti, I ran, I played, and I ate grilled wild sardines with freshly made soft cassava topped with a delicious slightly spicy sauce from the street vendors. As I saw the other children running away from the waves, I knew it was time to head home. I walked through the unpaved roads surrounded by beautiful majestic trees. I hopped and skipped. Everything was so alive! I had a broad smile as I picked up two ripe avocados under the avocado tree and two mangos from the adjacent tree right before I reached the hill. Continue reading

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