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Bahamas suspends immigration crackdown

The Bahamas Government says it has suspended the crackdown on illegal migrants in the Abacos and Grand Bahama, as the death toll from the passage of Hurricane Dorian a week ago climbed to 45. Continue reading


State University of Haiti medical schools reopen

The deanship of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy (FMP), the Schools of Medical Biology and Optometry reopened Monday at the State University of Haiti (UEH).

The leaders of the FMP decided to stop the activities at the faculty on September 2 as the decision denounced by the students who organized a peaceful march last Thursday to demand its reopening.

Protesters raised barricades with chairs at Oswald Durand Street to paralyze traffic. They denounced acts of corruption and bias that gangrene the faculty of medicine and pharmacy. Continue reading

Minister of Education denounces politicization of school

The Minister of National Education, Pierre Josué Agénor Cadet, calls for depoliticization of the school Monday at the launch ceremony of the 2019-2020 school year at the National School of Brothers.

He denounces in particular the creation of schools and the appointment of teachers by parliamentarians. The school is held hostage by members of the political class and parliamentarians, he said.

Cadet maintains that he has been confronted with a system gangrene by corruption explaining he’s appointed over 9,000 teachers to correct the excesses of parliamentarians in the education sector in spite of all the claims for the appointment of teachers in the classrooms. Continue reading

Teachers call for better working conditions and quality education for all

Dozens of teachers took to the streets on Monday in Port-au-Prince and in other cities across the country to demand the Haitian authorities adopt of measures aimed at improving the framework of education and teaching conditions.

This march, according to the general coordinator of the National Union of Haitian Normalists and Educators (Unnoeh), Georges Wilbert Franck, is part of a series of awareness raising activities that will take several forms to bring state officials to address the problem of education in Haiti.

The initiators of this movement also demand “a public school of quality and accessible to all.” They announce a number of activities including bursts of action to draw the attention of citizens from all segments of the population to the various problems that plague the Haitian education system. Continue reading

Assistant Director-General of FAO visits Haiti

Dr. Julio Berdegue, Assistant Director General (ADG) and Regional Representative of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for Latin America and the Caribbean, visited Port-au -Prince from August 21-24 for high level interviews with national and international partners.

This visit was an opportunity for Berdegue to meet with the highest authorities of Haiti as well as with the technical and financial partners on the need to strengthen their collaboration with FAO to better support policies and actions. priorities for the development of the agricultural sector and the establishment of sustainable food security.

After meeting with the staff of the FAO Representation in Haiti, the ADG was received by the former Prime Minister, Jean Michel Lapin, with whom he mainly exchanged on the necessary development of the agricultural sector in Haiti. The prime minister told ADG that Haiti should “get out of subsistence agriculture and move towards development agriculture.” Continue reading

Drivers still desperately searching for gas at pumps in Haiti

As the Haitian parliament narrowly approved a new prime minister, drivers are still desperately searching for gas and the lines at filling stations is getting even longer. Continue reading

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Assembly’s Haitian caucus organizes Dorian relief effort for Bahamas

Members of the Assembly Haitian Caucus are soliciting donations to aid Bahamians impacted by Hurricane Dorian.

Additionally, the Assembly Democrats will be working with Bahamian officials and the Bahamian American Association to address the needs of communities hit by the storm, according to a press release. Survivors of Dorian are in need of drinking water, food, shelter and dry clothing. Continue reading

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