President Martelly was Donald Trump before Trump took over the world in a horror shit show which Haitians endured during his reign. 


Since leaving the presidency in February 2016, Martelly has been on a downward spiral. The bombastic musician has been followed by protests in Haiti, Canada and New York. People are realizing that his reign was a failure and there are clear evidence that his administration and his family are complicit, particularly when it comes to the Petrocaribe funds that have been depleted and unaccounted for.

The latest episode and arguably the saddest occurred last weekend in New York during the Labor Day festivities in Long Island. Martelly was being awarded with a musical legend award. As he hit the stage to receive his plaque, a lady decked out on a fashionable pink dress, nails painted pink (Sweet Micky’s colors are pink and white)  and calmly began to ask the thorny question of “where is the petrocaribe money” as she held a sign with the same question. 


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