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Haitian Times News Roundup – Sept. 9

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Defamation Suit Over Haiti Sex Claim Settled

A defamation lawsuit against an activist who accused an orphanage founder in Haiti of being a serial pedophile has been settled, ending a lawsuit that has dragged on for six years, an attorney said. Continue reading

New York

Comptroller Stringer Pens Open Letter To Workers: You Have Labor Rights Regardless Of Immigration Status

As many of you may know, my office enforces state and local prevailing wage laws. That means that if you have done construction work on a New York City public work project or have been employed in a building service job through a city contract or in a building with an affordable housing property tax exemption, then you may be entitled to prevailing wages and benefits, regardless of your immigration status. Continue reading


Sweet Micky Or Michel Martelly’s Sad Decline

President Martelly was Donald Trump before Trump took over the world in a horror shit show which Haitians endured during his reign. Continue reading


Michael Brun Sees Haiti Go Global In “Peze Kafe”

Producer Michael Brun continues to put Haitian culture and music at the forefront of his work, as is the case in his latest single and video “Peze Kafe” alongside Gardy Girault and Coralie Herard. Continue reading


National Police Prepare for Back to School

The Haitian National Police is mobilized to facilitate back to school this Monday, September 9, said the spokesman of the national police. Michelangelo Louis-Jeune gave the guarantee that the provisions adopted were the same for all the departments of the country. Continue reading

Embassy of Haiti to Assist Victims in Bahamas

Dorval Darlier, a Haitian diplomat in the Bahamas, said the Haitian government has given him the “green light” to take all necessary measures to assist victims in the Bahamas.

“I am going to rent a charter plane to go to Abaco and Freeport who have been the most affected to provide assistance to Haitian nationals,” he said. Continue reading

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Sep. 09, 2019

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