The sitting room of the Chamber of Deputies ransacked by deputies

Tuesday morning, opposition members ransacked the meeting room, just hours before the meeting on the ratification of Prime Minister Fritz William Michel’s general policy in the Lower House.

On May 30, opposition to the Senate of the Republic had also sabotaged the meeting room of the Grand Corps to prevent the presentation of the general policy of then-Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin. Today, the cost of repairing the room amounts to 6 million gourdes according to an estimate reported to the press by President Carl Murat Cantave. Continue reading

Out of fuel, the Port-au-Prince town hall announces that it will no longer be able to pick up garbage in the coming days

Running out of fuel, Port-au-Prince town hall announced in a statement on Tuesday that it will no longer be able to pick up garbage in the coming days.

“The municipal administration of Port-au-Prince brings to the attention of the general public and residents of the town more precisely that its fuel reserves being exhausted, the town hall will not be able to ensure the collection of garbage in different neighborhoods in the capital during the coming days. The trucks of the road service will no longer be able to carry out their usual circuits,” according to the press release. Continue reading

Prime Minister proud of the vote of the deputies

Prime Minister Fritz William Michel promised to work to not disappoint Haitian citizens. “I will do everything I can to help the country find a solution to the serious socio-economic crisis,” said Michel.

He said he was proud of the favorable vote of his general policy statement by the deputies. Michel will have to obtain the ratification of his policy by the Senate in order to fully enjoy the legitimacy of the office. He is confident in the expectation of the large body ratification session. Continue reading

SPS Basketball organizes a humanitarian weekend to benefit Haiti

At the La Guyonnière sports complex located in Montaigu-Vendé, France, the Saint-Pierre Sports Basketball team (SPS) is organizing a weekend of basketball competition for Haiti from September 6 to September 8.

The funds raised will be donated to Heart of the World, a humanitarian organization working in Senegal, Madagascar and Haiti in the fields of education, health and schooling. According to Patrick Padiou, president of Heart of the World: “the association helps to build schools, maternity.” She sponsors children and offers meals to students during the school year. Continue reading

Arts & Culture

Wyckoff Museum Pays Tribute to Haitian Spirituality with Annual Festival

More than 200 visitors gathered in East Flatbush on Saturday to celebrate the culture and spirituality of Haiti, and pay tribute to one of the country’s most sacred sites, Lakou Soukri Danache, as part of Wyckoff House Museum’s annual Festival Minokan. Continue reading


How Haitian Immigrants Have Shaped the City of Montreal

These groups lay roots in different areas of the city, forming distinct communities and villages, differentiated by their architectural styles. As the political motive for immigration transitioned from one of employment to one of multiculturalism, each of Montreal’s largest immigrant communities have transformed the city through their own diaspora. Continue reading


Many From Africa, Haiti Seek Asylum at US Southern Border

While most migrants who arrive at America’s southern border are from the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, the U.S. Border Patrol in Texas’ Del Rio Sector reports apprehending people from more than 50 countries in the last year. Continue reading

New York

SUNY Maritime Hosts Haitian Students For 3-Weeks English/Leadership Program

Nestled on a small peninsula in the Bronx, SUNY Maritime is well-known for its top-of-the-line nautical educational facilities and deep international ties.

This summer, the school decided to expand its footprint all the way to Haiti, bringing 20 Haitian professionals to New York City for a three-week language course. Continue reading

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