Parliament imposes its law on the executive

On Thursday, Senator Ronald Larêche lifted the veil on the lengthy negotiations that led to the formation of the government of Prime Minister Fritz William Michel. So far, parliament has appointed nine of the 18 ministers according to Lareche who is protesting against this practice.

He informed that senators have appointed ministers of health, education and tourism. The other six portfolios allocated to the legislature are paid by the deputies. Lareche was not able to provide details on the names of personalities close to the deputies who joined the Michel government.

When asked about his participation in the negotiations, Larêche pointed out that he did not appoint a minister or director general in the government. He is indignant at the behavior of his colleagues arguing that they will not be able to exercise their function of controlling government action by being part of the government. Continue reading

Tropical storm Dorian strengthens as it approaches Haiti

Tropical storm Dorian has strengthened as it approaches Haiti, bringing with it heavy rain and strong winds. Stormy rains were recorded in Hinche, the main town in the Central Plateau Department late Thursday afternoon. Severe thunderstorms are also expected in the late afternoon and evening on Friday and Saturday. Continue reading

Increased number of victims though gunfire

The number of gun shot and road accident injuries have increased in Haiti, according to Dr. Jessy Colimon Adrien, executive director of the State University of Haiti.

“Since last February we receive between 3 and 5 cases of gunshot wounds daily,” said Adrien. “For the injured, we receive five cases on average.”

According to the doctor, the majority of patients admitted to the emergency department are victims of violence. The cases come mainly from the metropolitan area. They come alone or accompanied by a loved one. In another register, they are referred by a hospital. HUEH, commonly known as the General Hospital, is the country’s reference hospital.

“The daily number of cases of bullet wounds is a sign that the security climate is deleterious. Nobody is spared. Whether it’s me who saves lives, a merchant, a mother, a child, we all need to be concerned,” said a resident doctor who was applying a new dressing for a patient to the hospital ward of the surgery. Continue reading

Digicel receives three nominations at the World Communications Awards

Digicel is nominated in three categories in this year’s 21st World Communications Awards. On Oct. 30, the company’s leaders will participate in a ceremony where the winners will be announced. Digicel was nominated four times in at least three categories thus year.

“Everywhere around the world, the amazing people who make up the Digicel family are doing incredible and transformational work to bring the benefits of digital connectivity to as many people as possible,” said Digicel CEO Jean-Yves Charlier. Continue reading

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