Gasoline being rationed as alternative to fuel crisis

Stakeholders in the petroleum products sector have announced fuel rationing over the next three weeks due to the shortage of hydrocarbons until September 15.

Even if the government no longer directly intervenes in the import of petroleum products, companies draw attention to the responsibility of the state. The state would have paid only the equivalent of one month’s tax to the oil companies as part of an effort to repay the debts associated with the gasoline subsidy.

Experts announce the arrival of a small order of Sol this Tuesday but this would not weigh heavily on demand. At the end of the week, another tanker will deliver products for Dinassa and three other companies. Continue reading

With Marjorie Alexandre Brunache resigning, the Michel government must be redone before going to Parliament

The appointed foreign minister, Marjorie Alexandre Brunache submitted his resignation Friday to Prime Minister Fritz William Michel. With the resignation, Michel has been forced to patch up his government.

“Personal considerations oblige me to decline this honor of serving my country,” said Brunache, pointing out that he has a heavy heart in “presenting his resignation” while confirming his desire to continue to serve the country.

The resignation of Brunache comes after the postponement of the meeting of ratification of the general policy of the government by the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Gary Bodeau. The postponement was requested by the commission to analyze the cabinet members’ papers to determine their eligibility for the post of minister according to a new procedure agreed earlier this year. Continue reading

Tropical storm Dorian expected by August 29 in Haiti

Tropical storm Dorian may hit northern Haiti by Thursday, according to a bulletin from the Hydrometeorological Unit of Haiti (Uhm). Isolated downpours are still possible in the evening on the departments of North West, Central Plateau, Artibonite and West near Port-au-Prince.

The waves can reach up to nine feet high on the southern shores, six feet high in the Gulf of Gonâve opposite Port-au-Prince Bay and five feet high on the northern shores of Haiti. Continue reading

Haiti under the threat of dengue fever, 3,500 cases identified in the Dominican Republic

The Western Health Directorate (DSO) of the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) announced at a sectoral table on August 23 that 3,500 cases of dengue fever were reported in the Dominican Republic this year and that the risk of the fever spreading in Haiti is enormous.

The DSO, an entity of the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP), encourages the Haitian population to be cautious and respect basic hygiene rules. Dengue fever according to the World Health Organization (WHO) is a viral infection transmitted by the bite of a female mosquito of the genus Aedes by four serotypes. DEN 1, DEN 2, DEN 3 and DEN 4 is present in the Dominican Republic according to the authorities.

3,500 cases have already been identified in the Dominican Republic this year. This disease, whose symptoms appear after three to 14 days with influenza-like illness affecting the person after the infective bite has no specific treatment, according to the WHO. Continue reading


A Challenge to display Haitian pride differently this Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is fast approaching and with it comes displays of cultural pride from the Caribbean Diaspora as they gather for the annual West Indian American Day parade in Brooklyn. For us Haitians, it’s an opportunity to focus and highlight the parts of our culture that is vibrant, fun and to be quite frank, not met with pity or pessimism. During that weekend, Haiti’s political instability and most recent litany of unfortunate happenings isn’t at the forefront of our discussions. Continue reading

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