Prime Minister ratification session postponed

The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Gary Bodeau, announced that the meeting devoted to the ratification of the policy statement of the Prime Minister Fritz William Michel has been postponed. In his tweet, Bodeau did not provide details but he had doubts about the meeting.

A new invitation should be sent to the appointed Prime Minister when members have set a new date for the meeting.

The Secretary of State for Communication, Eddy Jackson Alexis, states that Michel awaits the signal of the legislators. All members of the government are ready for the meeting they have a copy of the statement of general policy Alexis said. Continue reading

Carrefour town hall denounces the laxity of the central power in Haiti

The mayor of Carrefour and president of the National Federation of Mayors of Haiti (Fenamh), Jude Edouard Pierre, condemns the laxity of the authorities of the central government facing the upsurge of insecurity, especially south of Port-au-Prince, at the Bicentenary and its surroundings.

This situation of insecurity causes a slowdown of economic activities in the southern periphery of Port-au-Prince particularly in the municipality of Carrefour, said Jude Edouard Pierre in a press conference on Thursday.

He also said he feared possible closures of companies which risk plunging out of the thousands of people working in factories in the area. Continue reading

Haitians could soon travel to Russia without a Visa

Haiti could soon sign a memorandum of understanding to eliminate the visa requirement for Haitian citizens wishing to visit Russia. The Russians will also be able to visit Haiti without a visa.

Haitian Foreign Minister Edmond Bocchit briefed Le Nouvelliste after meeting with Russian Ambassador Vladimir Fedorovich Zaemsky in Caracas, Venezuela.

Diplomatic relations between Haiti and Russia date back to the 20th century. In recent years, dozens of Haitian students have been admitted to Moscow universities where they study public and international relations, economics, agronomy, computer science, engineering and medicine through scholarships. Continue reading

Sweet Micky will be absent at the West Indian Parade this year

Former konpa president and carnival king Sweet Micky will be absent on the Eastern Parkway course this year. Jean Joseph, responsible for organizing the West Indian Day festivities, confirmed the absence of the singer on August 22.

Four groups were selected to perform at the parade including: T-vice, Kreyòl-La, Banboche (Costume) and Tony mix, popular DJ and self-proclaimed “DJ peyi a”.

At the beginning of the week, Haitian-Americans sent a request to the mayor of New York to protest the presence of Michel Martelly’s group in all the activities of this year’s parade.

“His presence at the West Indian parade is dangerous for women and goes against the values ​​that make New York City a good place to live,” they wrote. Continue reading


Latest Trump Immigration Decision Highlights Haiti Campaign Promise Reversal

Mimi Pierre, a Long Island community leader who has fought to protect the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designation for Haitian immigrants, sees President Donald Trump’s executive order to end the Haitian Family Reunification Parole (HFRP) as his latest attack on the Haitian community. Continue reading

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