The majority makes its mark on the Chamber of Deputies

The presidential majority in the Chamber of Deputies has regained its ability to impose its law. In recent months, minorities in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate have used constitutional provisions and internal regulations to impose their point of view.

The majority supporting President Jovenel Moïse has forgotten the request to indict 14 deputies while opposition MPs failed to convince both the majority and the legislators of the other blocs. Although there was no actual debate on the charges, majority MPs responded to opposition offensives. Continue reading

There is no scarcity, says the Minister of Finance against the apprehension of oil companies

The meeting with the oil companies took place Wednesday as they discussed different mechanisms to avoid scarcity. The transfer of money is made from the Treasury to the BRH and the BRH will make the transfer for the companies. In the meantime, they have launched their orders. It is possible that there are two or three gas stations that have not had time to stock up.

“There is no shortage. There is not that,” said the Minister of Economy and Finance, Ronald G. December.

Earlier in the day, sources close to the oil sector had confirmed the meeting on Tuesday but had not confirmed payments while motorists roamed some gas stations without being able to find fuel. Continue reading

Convocation by the justice of four heads of schools around the excessive increase of the school fees in Haiti

The prosecution, near the civil court of Port-au-Prince, should audition on Friday four directors and principals around the excessive increase each year. These are the Reverend Father Valmir Dabel of the Institution (Congregational) Saint-Louis de Gonzague (Islg), Natacha Dorcé of the New Bird College (Ncb, private school), Myriam Dorélien of the institution (Congregational) Daughters of Mary and Gina Lassegue of the Christian Academy institution.

The decision to summon these school officials would follow complaints filed by parents of students against these schools. Promulgated in 2017, under the administration of President Jocelerme Privert, eight years after its adoption in both Houses of Parliament, the law on school fees recommends that school officials not to claim annual fees, exceeding three months of tuition for the basic and secondary sections. Continue reading

Arnel Joseph is preparing his escape, according to Pierre Espérance

The powerful gang leader Arnel Joseph who was arrested on July 22 is currently preparing his escape, according to Pierre Espérance. 

Since August 16, Joseph has been residing in one of the prisons of the Department of the West, According to the human rights activist, who did not want to give more details about the location of the detention center, Joseph has access to a mobile phone he uses as he sees fit and according to Esperance, is coordinating with his pawns on the ground for a possible escape.

“This is not a simple negligence,” said Esperance.  Continue reading

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