Impeachment session of the Haitian President resumes

The Chamber of Deputies resumed the impeachment sessions of President Jovenel Moise Wednesday. Speaker of the Lower House Gary Bodeau mentions that he has made arrangements including with the head of the PNH to ensure security in the vicinity of parliament. Continue reading

Prime Minister challenged in the Court of Cassation

In a letter addressed to the Speaker of the Lower House, Gary Bodeau, the deputies Joseph Manès Louis, Printemps Bélizaire, Déus Deroneth, Sinal Bertrand, Jean-Robert Bossé, Reynald Exantus, Kétel Jean-Philippe and Vickerson Garnier invite President Bodeau to: “take all the necessary measures to postpone all activities relating to the presentation of the Prime Minister and his cabinet to the Chamber of Deputies for his general policy statement.”

The deputies are armed with an “appeal in cassation exercised on August 16 by the Board of Directors of the communal section of Source-Matelas represented by its president, the Sieur Pierre Joseph Jacquelin against the judgment of discharge given on May 23 by the Court of Accounts and the administrative litigation in the case against newly appointed Prime Minister Fritz William Michel.” 

According to these deputies in the correspondence addressed to Bodeau, “this suspensive appeal is the work of a public authority, in its prerogatives of public authority and in its mission of public services”. Continue reading

Plea for the reopening of the sugar factory of Darbonne

The awareness movement for the reopening of the Jean Léopold Dominique sugar factory in Darbonne is calling on the central government to replace the factory under the responsibility of the local authorities.

“It is bewildering and absurd to witness, passively, the malfunctioning of this plant, when we speak of Haiti as an essentially agricultural country,” according to the awareness movement. 

The Léoganaise community wants the authorities to restart the national production which would be likely to bring solutions to the depreciation of the gourde, to inflation, to food insecurity, to unemployment to name a few.

They are calling for the reopening of the sugar factory and urge the central state to provide a means for sustainable operations. Continue reading

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