Haitian legislators to resume debate on impeaching president

The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Gary Bodeau says legislators will seek to resume their attempt today to debate a motion aimed at impeaching President Jovenel Moise, after a second attempt last week failed to materialise. Continue reading

Haitian Government to Pay Debt to Oil Companies

The Haitian government will meet Tuesday with representatives of oil companies and will reimburse them about two billion gourdes (more than 21,739,000 thousand), Finance Minister Ronald Decembre announced. Continue reading

Impeachment session of Haitian President to continue Wednesday

The indictment of President Jovenel Moïse for high treason will be resumed on Wednesday, in the Chamber of Deputies. This decision was taken on Monday following a conference of presidents in the lower house.

The first session was conducted on August 7 and the second time conducted on August 12. The accusing members of the minority group recommend the continuation of the meeting to the communication by Gary Bodeau, documents supporting the request for impeachment of Moïse. Continue reading

Haiti wants to repay two billion gourdes to oil companies

Several specialists in the petroleum products sector fear a shortage in the coming days as the Haitian authorities announced the payment of two billion gourds of debt to the oil companies.

The finance minister confirmed the deal which represents 50% of the state’s accumulated debt due to the subsidy of petroleum products. Minister Ronald December said that the Treasury has been authorized to make payments to put an end to the cash flow problem of the oil companies.

Experts have revealed that companies are struggling to manage inventory to avoid fuel shortages. The government refuses to consider ending the subsidy on hydrocarbons while the oil companies say it is the only viable solution. Continue reading

Transport Unions to file a complaint against Haitian government due to insecurity and high cost of living

Several transport unions announced their intention to file a complaint against the government on Friday due to the extent of insecurity and the high cost of living in the country.

The government remains indifferent to these problems the population faces said the secretary of the Haitian Land Transport Sector (Stth), Jean Philippe Marcelin during a press conference given Monday. The complaint will be followed by a peaceful march.

The march will start in the area of ​​the Portail of Leogane in downtown Port-au-Prince through Oswald Durand Street to reach the area of ​​the ruins of the National Palace which was destroyed in the earthquake of Tuesday 12 January 2010. The protesters plan to make three turns before heading to parliament and the Bicentennial. Continue reading

Experts call for synergy between state bodies

Security experts warn about the brakes that are at the root of the deterioration of the security climate mainly in ​​Port-au-Prince as they draw the attention of government authorities to the need to address these issues as soon as possible.

Richard Lumarque deplores a certain aggressiveness of human rights organizations with regard to the violation of the rights of bandits in areas of lawlessness. Police do not want to be involved because they fear being incarcerated in case of collateral damage during operations, he said.

Lumarque also stresses that the principle of respect for human rights is also valid for peaceful citizens who are injured and killed by criminals in populous neighborhoods. Continue reading

Arts & Culture

Discover Humanity documentarians seek to showcase the best of Haiti through short film

When Discover Humanity founders Denea Buckingham and Manos Mitikas met two and a half years ago, they instantly connected on traveling and filming their surroundings. The duo first set out on their journey about eight months ago to capture a variety of individuals living life and came to the conclusion to begin in Haiti due to its rich culture and its seemingly single narrative that’s often presented to the world. Continue reading

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