Haiti sends more than $6 billion in transfers to Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has received a total of $ 6.49 billion transfer in 2018, according to figures from the country’s central bank picked up this morning of August 19 by Haitian economist Etzer Emile. According to the report of the authorities, in the ranking of the countries of origin of this money, the United States of America comes in first with 78 percent of the total. Continue reading

Haitian government to pay 2 billion gourdes to oil companies

According to Minister of the Economy and Finance Ronald G. Décembre, the “Treasury is already authorized to make various payments to the oil companies to provide a solution to the cash flow problem faced by these companies.” The Haitian government reportedly owes oil companies four billion gourdes. The announcement comes on the heels of increased worry among the public about the scarcity of fuel on the island. Continue reading

Senator Lambert joins opposition

Senator Joseph Lambert, leader of the Conal party, an ally of the PHTK, announced that he is distancing himself from the head of the Haitian state, Jovenel Moïse, due to his refusal to name Lambert as prime minister. According to Lambert, he has majority support of parliamentarians during the pre-appointment consultations. Continue reading

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