Parliamentary committee finds it difficult to complete report

Newly appointed Prime Minister Fritz William Michel is still waiting for an invitation from the Chamber of Deputies to present the statement of its general policy. There is no date set by the Chamber of Deputies’ Bureau since the Special Committee has not tabled its report. 

On Friday, four of the seven members of the commission have revealed that the delay must be imputed to the officials of the Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Disputes (CSCCA). The administrative court is struggling to provide records on the management of the Prime Minister and several ministers as senior officials.

The commissioners justify the process by the need to obtain reports that will make it possible to evaluate the management of those who are members of the government. After working meetings with the heads of the Court of Auditors, the members of the committee deplored the delay in the delivery of the files. The Commissioners announced that they intend to submit the report noting that certain documents of the Court of Auditors are missing. Continue reading

Funeral held for historian and professor emeritus, Jean Roger Petit-Frère

The funeral of the historian and university professor, Jean Roger Petit-Frère, who passed away on the morning of Thursday, August 8 at age 77 following a massive infarction, was held on Saturday at the Park Souvenir.

A tribute and testimonial ceremony was held Friday at the Faculty of Medicine in downtown Port-au-Prince in memory of Petit-Frère. He spent 40 years of his life in secondary and university education in Haiti. Born in Saint-Louis du Nord on February 2, 1942, Jean Roger Petit-Frère went on to study history and political science in Canada. Continue reading

Human rights organizations demand protection of victims’ families

The Office of International Lawyers (Bai) and the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (Ijdh) filed a petition on Friday to ask the Haitian government to protect the families of the victims of the November 2018 massacre in La Saline.

“The CIDH must act urgently to protect the survivors against ‘new damage’,” said the wish these two human rights organizations, in a joint statement adding: “This petition is a request for” precautionary measures “under the CIDH protocols to safeguard and protect human rights in member states of the Organization of American States.”

They also called on the CIDH to “adopt measures obliging the Haitian government to begin providing urgent humanitarian assistance to survivors displaced by the massacre.” Continue reading

At the age of 47, this Haitian has just passed his Grade 9 exams

Geleme Philogène, 47, has learned that he has passed the 9th year fundamental tests he took in July. The proud student of the Lycée National de Plaisance obtained 904 points on more than 1,000 coefficients.

Philogène, born in July 1972 began his studies in October 1975 but that he had to stop in July 1992 to take care of his parents. He dared to die a “philosopher” and later returned to school after the death of his father and mother despite his fragile health. His ambition is not to have money but to get his “diploma” in philosophy, he said.

“After the daily bread, education is the first need of a people,” he said, adding that a young person who refuses to learn and go to school signs his “intellectual death and condemn his future.”

Single and determined to go to the end, Philogène has a tip for the idle youth who sleep on their laurels: “Better late than never!” Continue reading

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