JetBlue controls the skies of Haiti as American Airlines reduces daily flights to Port-au-Prince

JetBlue airlines currently connects more U.S. cities to Port-au-Prince than any other airline with non-stop flights between Port-au-Prince (PAP) and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) and Orlando International Airport (MCO). 

Through August 31, JetBlue has been offering its passengers seven flights four times a week and six flights a day to the country, more than any other airline currently serving Haiti and the rest of the world as American Airlines recently announced they will be reducing daily flights from Miami to Port-au-Prince.

“JetBlue has become the largest airline in Haiti representing almost double what American Airlines was in the past, with seven flights per day on average,” said a JetBlue spokesperson to the Nouvelliste. Continue reading

Demonstrators celebrate the first anniversary of the PetroCaribe movement

Demonstrators commemorated the first anniversary of the PetroCaribe Challenge movement on the Place Toussaint Louverture in front of the National Palace Wednesday. At the initiative of the structure called “Nou Pap Dòmi,” Petrochallengers took part in the rally which also coincides with the 228th anniversary of the Bois-Caiman ceremony.

About 30 police officers were mobilized to ensure the smooth running of the activity and the security of the area. Throughout the sit-in, the organizers had a sound system that facilitated the dissemination of pre-recorded awareness messages. Continue reading

Haitian chess players come out in second place in various categories

Haiti won two prizes at the 7th International Chess Meeting (RIDEF) in Paris which was held from Sunday, August 4 to Monday, August 12, 2019. The Haitian delegation was composed of FHE President Philippe Victor Chatelain and four participants for the various activities of the meeting.

Among the 230 players from 26 French-speaking countries who took part in the 7th RIDEF Classic Individual Championship, Haiti climbed the podium at the Charlety Stadium twice, snatching two prizes in this classic nine-round tournament and cadence 1 hour 30 minutes for 40 moves, then 30 minutes for the rest of the game with 30s added per shot from the first shot.

Jacques Muller Luxama, master candidate (CM), 1888 Élo FIDE, saved a draw in the last round, with a winning percentage of 18% against 82% of that of the French opponent, Caille Vincent, 2149 Élo FIDE . After the final standings, Jacques posted a performance of +27 points Elo FIDE and placed second in the 2201-1800 Elo FIDE category.

As for the reigning national champion, FIDE (MF) of 2129 Élo FIDE, Marckens Jean-Louis, he snatched a victory in the 9th and final round with a 22% win percentage against 78% of that of the opponent of Luxembourg, International Master of 2350 Élo FIDE, Berend Fred. Continue reading

19 years after the assassination of Jeannot Succès, the Rfjs continues to demand justice and reparation for his family

The Border Network Jeannot Succès (Rfjs) continues to demand justice and reparation for the family of Jeannot Succès who was murdered on August 13, 2000 by Dominican soldiers.

According to the Rfj’s in a press release, justice has not yet been served to Jeannot Succès. Meanwhile, Haitian migrant workers continue to be routinely subjected to ill-treatment in one form or another by Dominican soldiers on the Haitian-Dominican border or on Dominican territory.

The Rfjs pleaded for a climate of peace on the Haitian-Dominican border. The organization, who has focused on defending the rights of migrants on the island of Haiti, reports several cases of human rights violations at the border including Belladère (on the common border with Comendador / western border town of the Dominican Republic, capital of Elías Piña province in the Dominican Republic) and Malpasse (Malpaso / Jimani) despite the efforts of organizations to reduce tensions. Continue reading


FIRST PERSON – A Father and son reunion

I had no idea who my father was for the first 74 years of my life. Given up for adoption, all I knew was what the adoption records stated: that my father had died before I was born.

I often wondered who he was? How did he die? Had he even known he was going to be a father? Since I was born in 1944, was he a soldier? Did he die in the war? Was his death the reason I was put up for adoption? Continue reading

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