Haiti president indictment session postponed for second time

The session devoted to the analysis of the request for the indictment of President Jovenel Moïse was postponed Monday afternoon due to security problems. Gary Bodeau, the speaker of the chamber of deputies, announced the continuation of the session arguing the lack of serenity in the room.

A climate of tension prevailed in the area and in front of the Legislative Palace during the day as dozens of opposition protesters clashed with police in front of the building.

The police used tear gas on several occasions to repel the demonstrators who threw stones at the building. Several windshields of vehicles were broken by demonstrators who launched slogans against Moïse and parliamentarians of the majority. Continue reading

Gang violence increases in Port-au-Prince

In recent days, armed gangs have escalated the violence in Martissant, a district south of the capital. Three people, including a policeman, were killed by the gangs over the weekend. The policeman ensured the safety of a young migrant in Chile who was visiting his parents.

Residents are upset over the lack of reaction from the police. For instance, parents of a trade unionist were unable to have the support of a police patrol for a judge to draw up a record of the death. Continue reading

Security officer in Ouanaminthe suspected of involvement in the death of two people

A security officer in Ouanaminthe (north-east of Haiti, on the border with Dajabon / Dominican Republic), Luma Demetrius, is believed to be involved in the deaths of two people who were shot dead on August 10.

Following an altercation, Demetrius allegedly pulled out his gun and killed a young man, Joazard Anièce alias Bab, and his friend Djéniflore Remilien, witnesses said. The two victims were planning on attending a voodoo ceremony, as a prelude to the patronal feast (Roman Catholic) Notre Dame de l’Assomption on August 15. Continue reading

Digicel will raise rates for some of its plans

The mobile phone company Digicel announces that the rates for some of its subscription plans will go up in September. The change will affect subscribers to the “Hybrid and Postpaid Plans”.

The economic situation, the ever-accelerating inflation and the continuing inflation of the gourde are at the base of this decision according to a correspondence of the company to its subscribers. However, the data allocations included in the monthly plans will be enhanced to better meet the needs of subscribers, promises Digicel. The details of these changes will be sent in an email to its customers later this month. Continue reading


Trump administration announces rule that could limit legal immigration

The Trump administration is moving forward with a rule that could drastically curb legal immigration by limiting who is allowed to enter and stay in the United States based on that person’s need for various public benefits.

The “public charge” rule is part of the Trump administration’s broader push to favor skilled applicants and those who are less likely to rely on public assistance. The government estimates some 380,000 applicants would be immediately subject to review under the new guidance after they are finalized in October. Continue reading

New York

Outrage over Guyanese publication critical of Haitian migrants

Several Haitian-American legislators in New York have led outrage over a Guyanese publication critical of what it describes as the influx of Haitians migrating to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member state.

An unauthored article published in the Guyana Times on Friday, under the headline, “Influx of Haitians into Guyana raises major health concerns,” has drawn the wrath of not only Haitian-Americans but of other Caribbean-American legislators and leaders. Continue reading

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