Haitian reporter victim of an armed attack in Léogâne

Luckson Saint-vil, a journalist who reports for Loop Haiti, underwent an armed attack in Leogane Tuesday evening.

Unidentified individuals opened fire on the reporter’s vehicle while he was near his house. “I was almost killed,” he said.

Photos received by the editors show the broken screens of his vehicle. The attack comes a few weeks after Saint-Vil brought complaints about threats he had received on his phone. Continue reading

Several human rights organizations recommend postponing the issuance of a new identification card

Various human rights organizations in Haiti have asked the National Identification
Office (Oni) to postpone the registration and distribution of a new Card Single National Identification Number (Cinu).

They advise the Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Litigation (Cscca) to seize the file in accordance with a May 2016 law because of suspicions of corruption surrounding the entire process.

The National Episcopal Commission (Roman Catholic) Justice and Peace (Ce-Jilap), the Center for Analysis and Research in Human Rights (Cardh), the Haitian Council of Non-State Actors (Conhane) and the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights human rights (Rnddh) call on the Oni to look into the possibility of purging the existing database. They’re denouncing the total lack of transparency, the non-respect of the right to information and participation as well as the non-protection of the economic interests of Haiti.

“There is no legal provision that authorizes state authorities to issue Cinu. In this sense, it is not superfluous to recall that the draft law of April 19, 2017, which consecrates it, has not yet been adopted by the Haitian parliament,” they said. Continue reading

“Free” criminal record for Haitians living in Argentina

The Haitian embassy in Argentina announced the opening of a procedure to facilitate Haitians living in Argentina to obtain a criminal record without paying any fees.

According to information provided by the diplomatic institution, the problems related to the lack of criminal records for Haitians were of a technical nature and beyond the control of Haitian diplomats in Buenos Aires.

“According to the information obtained, the problem results from the fact that the machine used by the DCPJ can not sometimes read the fingerprints taken by the Argentine Federal Police because of the incompatibility of the machines used,” according to a note from the Haitian diplomatic corps. Continue reading

Haitian Cycling Federation heading for the 2019 Cycling Nations Championship of the Caribbean

The Haitian Cycling Federation is heading for the 2019 Caribbean Cycling Nations Championship according to Kenuel Leveille, president of the federation who announced the news Monday. From October 25-27, Haiti will host 200 athletes from 28 countries participating in the 120 kilometer race between Montrouis and the Champ de Mars, Port-au-Prince.

“This event is crucial to reinvigorate cycling and promote cycling,” he said.
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