Visual Arts is one of the most creative forms of expression, and Gary Mabour, a Haitian sculptor, ceramist, and painter, utilizes his artistry to illustrate his country’s rich culture.  He grew up in the arts, and states as far back as he can remember he has had creative tendencies which led him to follow his passion of the arts.

Mabour has two mediums that he utilizes most, acrylics and clay. 

“I have not mixed the two yet, but I use each to make mixed media art,” he said.  In his pieces, often acrylic paints are mixed with the textures of different cloths like burlap t-shirt cotton, and he sculpts images with a gel media to make his paintings.  

“When it comes to my ceramics and sculptures, I enjoy hand-forming the clay, adding texture with different tools, and of course adding color and depth glaze,” he adds.

His work, best described as abstract and emotive, is impressive, captivating, and packed with symbolism from the mysticism of the Haitian traditions.  His choice of color not only reinforces the message he is trying to convey through his work, it brings it to life. 

Mabour’s Haitian heritage plays a substantial role in his art.  Haitian Culture, the socio-political and spiritual facets of the culture are key components of his inspiration.

“The different traditions and ceremonies are intriguing to me, I am especially drawn to the spiritual aspects of my country’s culture as well,” he said. “There are so many stories and ideas to explore there. These ideas illicit an explosion of colors and images in my brain and I feel compelled to create my art to represent my research and interpretation of those ideas.” 

If you’d like to browse through more of Garry Mabour work, and keep up with the latest of his endeavors follow his Instagram page @garrymabour_art.



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