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Trump admin ends family-based reunification programs for Haitians

The Trump administration is moving to end family-based reunification programs for Haitians and Filipino World War II veterans.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services announced Friday that it will terminate the Haitian Family Reunification Parole program and the Filipino World War II Veterans Parole program, which were designed to promote family reunification.

“Parole” programs allow certain family members of US citizens or Green Card holders to temporarily enter or remain in the United States, even if they would otherwise not be allowed entry.

The administration argues that these should be done on a “case-by-case” basis, rather than category. Continue reading

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

The Haitian Times was founded in 1999 as a weekly English language newspaper based in Brooklyn, NY.The newspaper is widely regarded as the most authoritative voice for Haitian Diaspora.
Haitian Times
Aug. 03, 2019

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