Protesters march pastUS Embassy in Port au Prince, Haiti, July 29, 2019.


Haiti Anti-Corruption Protesters Demand US Stop Supporting President Moise

Haiti’s anti-corruption protesters have a message for U.S. President Donald Trump: change your strategy.

“Ambassador M. Sison supporting this corrupt government of Haiti is racist” were the words printed on posters held by protesters in front of the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince. The posters were also adorned with a collage of photos of the American president. Continue reading

Moïse Urges Parliament To Approve New Gov’t

President Jovenel Moïse has called on Parliament to approve the nomination and government of newly appointed Prime Minister Fritz William-Michel, describing him as “a brilliant civil servant who has devoted his entire career to serving the people of Haiti”. Continue reading

Former deputy Arnel Bélizaire called to testify in the case of the La Saline massacre

Former MP Arnel Bélizaire, who spoke publicly about his links with individuals indicted in the La Saline massacre of November 2018 has been called to testify Wednesday in the case. The document mentions the names of Jimmy Cerisier aka “Barbecue”, Grégory Antoine aka “Ti Greg” and Iscar Andris who have been prosecuted for “rape, murder, attempted murder and armed robbery.”

Jimmy Cerisier and Iscar Andris are gang leaders and Grégory Antoine a police officer whose names appear in reports as the instigators of the La Saline massacre where more than 70 people died. Continue reading

$100 million in food aid to be under management review

On Tuesday, Haitian government officials and representatives of the Embassy of Japan launched an evaluation of the management of the 2017 food aid program funds. According to Jean Ronald Legouter, a representative of the director of the Office of Monetization of Official Development Assistance (BMPAD), $105 million monetized dollars will have to be allocated to projects carrying for the well being of the population.

At the resource management assessment meeting, Legouter pointed out that there has been effective management of these funds by the BMPAD administration and argues that the KR program is not only about supplying rice to the Haitian market but is a tool for promoting socio-economic development projects for the future of Haiti.

He also assured that the food aid program is compatible with the government’s vision of reducing food insecurity. Continue reading

Bahamas commission to investigate corruption case involving Haitian diplomats

A Haitian commission of inquiry is staying in the Bahamas from July 29 to August 3 to shed light on a case of corruption involving some Haitian diplomats posted in Nassau according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship.

The members of this commission will meet with Bahamian authorities, diplomatic personnel, local recruits and community leaders in order to identify the culprits. An article in the newspaper “The Nassau Guardian” reported on a major investigation by the Bahamian authorities that turned into a case of corruption in which some Haitian diplomats posted in Nassau were implicated.

Several Bahamian authorities are suspected of organizing fraudulent marriages for Haitian nationals to give them legal immigrant status according to the article. Continue reading

“Go fishing again,” is the bar of Petit-Goâve guilty of criminal crimes?

While Haiti is preparing for the PetroCaribe trial, the bar of Petit-Goâve paid his tribe on July 21 to several politicians and other citizens who would be accountable for their possible involvement in financial crime cases amongst other criminal cases. He decorates them for services rendered a solemn festival that has nothing to envy to the distinction of Mardoché by King Ahasuerus.

“If public opinion condemns you for your immoral acts and for all forms of harm done to society, do not worry if you live in Haiti and you have some money left to eat with others. The Haitian judicial system is already on your side. In addition, a bar like that of Petit-Goâve can cover your sins big and small, provided you prove your generosity towards this republican institution,” he said. Continue reading



Cayman’s U23 national football team came up short in their bid to qualify for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, after Haiti scored a tying goal in the final minutes of their Sunday, 27 July match, for a 2-2 result. After losing 1-0 to Grenada Wednesday in their first CONCACAF Olympic qualifiers at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex, Cayman needed to beat Haiti by two goals to top their group of three and move on to the next qualifying round. Continue reading

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