Haitian Progressive Sectors Disapprove Gov’t Formation

The newly appointed Government of Haiti generates on Monday controversy and several progressive sectors and members of the opposition indicate that the measure will endure President Jovenel Moise´s term.

Last week the President appointed Fritz William Michel as the new Prime Minister, after the ratification of Jean Michel Lapin’s cabinet was stalled in the Senate. Continue reading

Chamber of Deputies want to take steps towards impeachment of President

For the Chamber of Deputies, the holding of the meeting of ratification of the appointed Prime Minister’s policy statement is not on the agenda for the time being. The Speaker of this House, MP Gary Bodeau clarified Monday that other sessions such as requesting for the impeachment for President Jovenel Moise must be held beforehand.

Before the parliamentary meeting on Fritz William Michel’s policy statement, a committee was formed to analyze Michel’s papers as well as other members of the cabinet. At the same time, MIchel is determined to seek Parliament’s approval for the declaration of his general policy. Continue reading

Lawyer fears possible massive deportation of Haitians in the United States

A possible massive deportation of Haitians from the United States would have a strong impact on the country’s economy where the rise of the dollar is eroding more according to Aviol Eugène, a lawyer who works on the issue of migrants in conflict with the law.

Eugène also believes that the recurrence of political unrest in Haiti prevents negotiations between the Haitian and American governments.

Undocumented Haitian immigrants have been under the threat of deportation since July 14 when a campaign for mass deportation was launched in nine cities including Miami where there’s a signficant Haitian population. Continue reading

Host nearly died in a car accident over the weekend

Famous host Guy Webern ‘Warrior Guy’ Wewe announced on his Instagram account Monday morning that he nearly died in a car accident Saturday night. He posted the photos of his damaged vehicle on his account.
The accident happened when he returning from Wahoo Bay where he made his installations for Sumfest and was surprised at the entrance to Montrouis by the present of a truck down in the middle of the road, “without a fire on, without panel. Nothing.” Continue reading


Tell the Truth President Jovenel Moise! Corruption ails our country

The gridlock currently experienced in Haiti is a direct result of and the manifestation of the president’s inability to lead. Since Jovenel Moise was sworn in as president on Feb. 7, 2017, the situation in Haiti has gone from bad to worse. Today, the depreciation of Haiti’s national currency, the gourdes, is at an all-time high. According to the Bank of the Republic of Haiti, as of July 17, the exchange rate is 94.1066 Haitian gourdes to 1 U.S. dollar. Continue reading

South Florida

Convicted opioid-dealing doctor who fled to Haiti is back behind bars in Miami

A convicted opioid-dealing doctor who jumped bond right before her sentencing in federal court and fled to Haiti is back in Miami.

Dr. Jeanne Germeil appeared before U.S. Magistrate Jonathan Goodman on Monday. She was denied bond, and remains jailed until her sentencing on 11 out of 16 counts of distributing a controlled substance. Each count carries a maximum of 20 years in prison. Continue reading

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