ULCC offside in Petrocaribe

According to the director of the Anti-Corruption Unit (ULCC), Major David Bazile, the main anti-corruption body can not intervene in the Petrocaribe case and ULCC’s room for maneuver is very small in terms of Haiti’s biggest financial scandal.

Only a request of the investigating judge within the framework of a rogatory commission can return the ULCC on this file. Bazile suggests that these constraints are related to the legal provisions governing the operation of this institution.

The ULCC can automatically seize a file when scandal and public clamor. However, during the Petrocaribe scandal, the file was already supported by Parliament and the assembly of senators. Continue reading

Skepticism geared toward ne

Sociopolitical sectors are expressing skepticism at the formation of new Prime Minister Fritz William Michel’s cabinet. The majority of the people making up the cabinet are of unknown personalities according to senator Pierre François Sildor who asks to wait to see which direction Michel’s general policy statement will go at the time of voting.

“What means will the new government use to solve the big challenges of the hour: the expensive life, the insecurity, the environment, the return to school and the socio-economic situation,” Sildor said. Continue reading

“Haiti in Madness” festival takes over Montreal

Thousands of festival-goers attended Montréal’s Place des Festivals on Monday to attend the opening show of the Festival en Folie organized as part of Juste pour Rire, which runs through July 28. Musicians Emeline Michel and James Germain kicked off the festivities that commemorate the 215 years of Haitian independence and the 60 years of presence of Haitians in Quebec.

Also involved the festival includes DJ’s Rock Steady, Buzz and Sweet Larock and on Friday, a tribute will be paid to the singer Cornelia “Ti Corn” Schutt, born in Haiti to German parents and raised in Cap-Haitien. Continue reading

Grenadiers advance in FIFA rankings

After the Haitian National Team’s impressive performance at the Gold Cup, they are now ranked 83rd in FIFA’s latest rankings. The opportunity to gain even more ground is on the horizon as the team have their eyes riveted on the league of nations of Concacaf. had decided to appeal to the expertise of the Court of Accounts putting the ULCC out of play. Continue reading


Haitian Artists Celebrated at Michigan Art Festival

This weekend, Haitian artists will be the center of attention at the biennial Haitian Art and Crafts Festival at the Sundquist Pavilion & Riley Park in downtown Farmington, MI. The works of 15 Haitian artists and artisans will be on display and for sale during the BÈL BAGAY LAKAY Festival, which means “Beautiful Things from Home.” Continue reading

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