BélO, a Haitian international artist released his sixth album Motivayson on July 18 at the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center. With a milestone birthday of 40 approaching in a few months, the artist, whose real name is Jean Bélony Murat, wanted to use this time to reflect on his life and the turmoil Haiti has undergone over the past few years. For him it’s an opportunity to give back musically to his people with some uplifting songs by evolving his hybrid Ragganga sound with Afro-Haitian rhythms.

“I live in Haiti,” said BélO. “The youth are so underappreciated in Haiti. Too many people only have criticism for them. Not too much advice, models or complement to the youth. I felt I’m going to turn 40 now, and wish that was something that I had when I was younger. Time, age and experience have given me the opportunity to be the person I am today. It is a good time to give them advice and maybe show them the way.”


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Naeisha Rose

Naeisha Rose is a multimedia journalist and graduate of the Arts & Culture and Broadcast programs at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. She has experience working on independent short films, short...